AMD Radeon Pro Duo proves that two is better than one

VR is just around the corner and many users will be looking to upgrade their computer’s graphics card to handle upcoming game releases. AMD has presented a possible solution by strapping two of its most powerful cards together into one package – the Radeon Pro Duo.

To handle even the heaviest system requirements, the new card is built on two R9 Fury X GPUs. While this might be overkill for most, it’s a card aimed primarily at content creators, and it’s very well equipped for the job. It’s almost three times as powerful as nVidia’s current best offering, the legendary Titan X.

Similar to the R9 295X2 and other newer AMD cards, the Radeon Pro Duo is liquid cooled from the manufacturer. Its twin chips feature 4GB of high-bandwith memory each, giving it a total of 8GB of VRAM.

Interestingly, it’s the first card AMD has primarily aimed at content creators rather than consumers.

While such a card will make mincemeat of even the highest requirements, it will likely take a sizeable chunk out of your wallet too – a single R9 Fury X currently sells for about AUD$1000.

It requires quite a lot of power too – the Radeon Pro Duo features three 8-pin power connectors which provide 450W in total, in addition to 75W from the PCI-E slot.

For most people, a more mainstream card like the R9 390 will provide a cheaper experience with just as much VRAM, but for those few who want the absolute best on the market right now, the Radeon Pro Duo will reportedly be available overseas in Q2 of this year.

There is no current announcement about Australian availability or pricing.

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