Amazon Australia offers unlimited cloud storage for AUD$100 a year

Amazon is getting into the hotly contested cloud storage space with the Australian launch of Amazon Drive, an online storage solution that offers unlimited space for AUD$100 per year.  Rather than being billed on a monthly basis, Amazon Drive is paid for once a year.

While Amazon is one of the few big cloud storage players offering unlimited storage, it may be overkill for many. Google Drive, for example, has a 100GB for USD$1.99 per month option, or a 15GB free tier. Microsoft has 5GB of free space through OneDrive, and USD$2 gets subscribers 50GB. However, if you actually are in need of a hefty amount of cloud storage, Amazon wins on bang per buck, with AUD$100 per year working out to be AUD$8.33 per month. For comparison, Dropbox bills AUD$13.99 for its 1TB Dropbox Pro plan.

Amazon Drive apps are available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Amazon is offering a three-month free trial of Amazon Drive. Customers have to provide a valid credit number to sign-up for a free trial. The trial will automatically convert into a paid subscription at the end of three months, unless subscribers set it to not renew.

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