Amaysim will be Australia’s newest home broadband provider

Budget telco Amaysim plans to enter the home broadband market within the next 12 months, having entered an agreement to acquire Australian Broadband Services (a company that has built a scalable platform for managing ADSL and NBN subscribers).

Amaysim says its hoping to replicate it success in the mobile market with a "technology-led solution" offering subscribers competitive pricing and high service through its online do-it-yourself model. As with its smartphone and mobile broadband offerings, Amaysim will act as a virtual network operator, and leverage existing fixed line networks including the NBN.

"It is logical for Amaysim to enter the broadband market in the next 12 months to take advantage of the likely customer switching behaviour that will stem from the continued NBN rollout," said Amaysim’s CEO, Julian Ogrin. "Acquiring Australian Broadband Services' technology platform is a great way for us to accelerate out broadband strategy, become even more relevant in data-hungry Australian households and bring our 'less hassles' approach to broadband."

"We look forward to rolling out further details and launching an amazingly simple Amaysim broadband offering later this calendar year."

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