Amaysim switches on 4G service, plans start at AUD$29.90 per month

Amaysim today announced that it has switched on its 4G offering and that it will be grandfathering its old 3G plans. Amaysim's 4G is powered by Optus' 4G Plus network, which is expected to cover 90% of the Australian population by April 2015. The budget telco will offer three different 4G enabled plans; these are as follows:

An AUD$54.90 per month plan with unlimited talk and text and 6GB of data.
An AUD$44.90 per month plan with unlimited talk and text and 4GB of data.
An AUD$29.90 per month plan with unlimited text, 500 minutes of standard voice calls and 1.5GB of data. 

Amaysim's 4G offerings remain contract free.

"A lot of telcos were tripping over themselves in the rush to bring 4G plans to market since the technology hit Aussie networks," said Amaysim CEO Julian Ogrin. "We always said we’d move to 4G when networks were sufficiently rolled out and we could offer plans that made sense for the half of all Aussie mobile users expected to be on 4G services by June this year. We are now in that position."

Amaysim will allow existing customers to stay on their current 3G plans at the same monthly price, but will not be taking new subscribers on these offerings. In addition, the budget telco will be moving from "per megabyte" to "per kilobyte" rounding on data usage, but will be upping its excess data charges to 7.2 cents per megabyte. Ogrin says this will result in more accurate billing.

"If you use 500 kilobytes, you pay for that exact amount," said Ogrin.

Ogrin also said that Amaysim has been given complete access to the Optus 4G Plus network, enabling connectivity to the 700Mhz spectrum and features such as Carrier Aggregation.

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