Amaysim Cuts Prices

  • Cut to local calls
  • Cut to international calls
  • No flagfall on some calls

Mobile phone provider amaysim has cut the cost of calls to standard landline and mobile numbers nationwide, as well as international calls.

The cost of standard national calls on its As You Go plan has dropped by 20 per cent, from 15 cents to 12 cents per minute.

Amaysim As You Go data remains at five cents per megabyte. The cost for sending an SMS nationwide is 12 cents as is the per-minute cost for accessing voicemail within Australia.

Coinciding with the move to slash the price of domestic mobile use, the company also announced cuts to international call rates to 30 countries. Calls from amaysim services to landlines in countries including China, India, New Zealand and Canada, have been cut by up to 60 per cent in some cases. International calls now start at six cents per minute in select countries with no flagfall. Amaysim’s new international rates are available for all current and future amaysim As You Goand amaysim Unlimited customers.

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