Amaysim boosts data caps across all 4G plans

Budget telco Amaysim today announced that is has increased the data caps across its brand new 4G plans. As of today, all customers on Amaysim 4G plans will be moved to the company's new offerings free of charge.

"This isn’t a blink and you’ll miss it offer," said Amaysim CEO Julian Ogrin. "These are our new 4G plans. Full stop. This is all part of our mission to push down data-driven bill shock. With data use still increasing in leaps and bounds, we think this will be a welcome move."

Amaysim's 6GB, AUD$54.90 plan now includes 7GB of data; its 4GB AUD$44.90 per month plan now includes 5GB of data, and its 1.5GB, AUD$29.90 per month plan now includes 2GB of data.

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