All new Apple TV brings apps and Siri to the big screen

Apple today announced an all new Apple TV set-top box designed to bring the iOS experience to the big screen. Apple CEO Tim Cook described the new Apple TV as a "new foundation for TV" during its unveiling.

"As important as TV is, the TV experience hasn't changed in decades," said Cook. "The television experience has been standing still while innovation in the mobile space has been racing ahead."

The new Apple TV is powered by a fork of iOS called tvOS. While the new operating system shares many of its visual elements (and development tools) with Apple's smartphone platform, it's been optimised for a much larger display. Since the two operating systems share a codebase, developers will be able to build universal applications that work across iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Netflix, HBO Now, Guitar Hero Live, Galaxy on Fire, Rayman Adventures, Disney Infinity 3.0, Airbnb, and Transistor will all be among the first apps available for the new Apple TV. Two notable Apple TV exclusives include a multiplayer version of Australian-hit Crossy Road and a new rhythm game called Beat Sports from Harmonix of Rock Band fame.

Users interact with the new Apple TV through two key mechanisms: voice and touch. The redesigned remote features a glass trackpad that is used as the primary input mechanism when it comes to navigating the new operating system. Users are able to scroll, select and swipe using the MacBook like trackpad. Notably, the remote also features similar motion tracking capabilities to Nintendo's Wiimote.

iPhones and iPad Touches can be used as additional controllers, but users will also be able to pair MFi certified Bluetooth gamepads with set-top box.  

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