Alarm Clock Analyses Sleep Patterns

  • App looks to up self-esteem
  • Tracks peoples’ sleep patterns
  • iPsychologist is designed for self help

A new innovation in personal alarms clocks may change the way people approach their sleep. iFit Technologies recently launched what they claim is a powerful personal alarm clock with advanced statistical sleep data.

"Most alarms clocks do a singular job – they wake you up at a designated time,” said Brett Galbraith, founder of iFit Technologies. “Sleep Science Alarm however user’s high tech monitoring technology and some complex sleep fatigue algorithms to determine all of the users sleeping stages and will then awake the user at the best possible time to ensure you awake refreshed. In addition to waking you up refreshed, this is the only alarm ever created that also had the power to wake you up as a better person."

Sleep Science Alarm comes with its own built in iPsychologist. It’s like having your own personal psychologist with you seven days a week. It even comes with a program to help people addicted to iPhone games like Angry Birds. Some of the more serious programs will help people with issues of self esteem, weight loss, depression and motivation. You can even listen to Bible verses or learn Pi to 100 decimal places.

"Most people are aware these days of the enormous power of self talk or auto suggestion as a tool for both positive and potentially catastrophic physical and mental health outcomes,” said Galbraith. “Just watch some of the TV talk shows and you will hear about the power of positive self talk and how mindsets and your physical health can be totally changed by how you speak to yourself."

iPsychologist was created with the help of Psychologists to act as a personal councillor and comes with a comprehensive range of "Sessions" to help users excel in life, not just to make it through another day. Users can even record their own voices over each session which enables them to speak positive messages directly to themselves.

iFit Technologies have also added some other features to its alarm clock program. For example, the ability to record a own message allows users to create humorous or date specific wake up messages around birthdays and anniversaries.

They have included a "one-touch torch" so that users can use a phone to go to the bathroom or the pantry without having to turn on lights or turn off the program. A simulated sunrise means that the phone lights up a few minutes before the alarm to naturally increase your cortisol levels and wake you up naturally.