AFL confirms future possibility of ultra-high definition, pay-per-view streaming

AFL Media General Manager Peter Campbell confirmed the possibility of ultra-high definition, pay-per-view streaming for AFL matches in an interview with CyberShack, ahead of tomorrow's Grand Final. While the AFL is currently in the third year of a year rights cycle, Campbell said the AFL are looking to draw inspiration from international events for improvements to its digital offering.

"We saw what happened in the World Cup where you could pick a livestream, watch any camera angle you wanted to, watch a replay from any particular angle you wanted to," Campbell said, "these are the sorts enhancements I'm sure you'll see in in 2017 when a new broadcast rights agreement is done."

"The expectation from our supporters is that these things will be made available and we want to surprise and delight people with these things "

Campbell said that the AFL wants to put power in its supports hands.  "I just think that our fans interest in being able to access the game and access information about the game on as many devices as they hold in their hands or they have in their lounge rooms," Campbell said, "this is where we have to keep moving our products to, be it live stats, more in-depth data greater and highlights packages." 

In addition international AFL viewership has increased from previous years. Campbell said that usage of Watch AFL, a subscription service for watching matches when outside of Australia, is up by 23% from last season. 

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