Aeolus is a robot that can help out around the house

Aeolus Robotics launched the first ever multifunctional household robot, designed to learn about your home and assist you with simple tasks.

The Aeolus Robot is about the height and weight of a 12-year-old human and has a sophisticated arm and hand that can pick things up, use a vacuum cleaner or dry mop to clean floors, and even fetch beverages. Aeolus can also recognise thousands of items, allowing the robot to pick things up and place them in the proper storage area – even assisting in the recovery of lost items by remembering where it saw them last.

The robot can integrate with smart home systems including Amazon Alexa and Google Home allowing for voice controls. Aeolus learns about its environment, allowing for better navigation and can adapt to new layouts and routines thanks to a series of technologies included in the robot.

These technologies, called DynaFace, DynaObject, DynaPerception and DynaSafety comprise the advanced machine learning interface. DynaFace allows Aeolus to recognise people by their faces using a video camera. DynaObject lets the robot categorise objects from multiple angles so that they can later be recognised no matter their orientation, while DynaPerception utilises artificial intelligence to differentiate between objects. DynaSafety means the robot can recognise unsafe human behaviours that pose a threat to its owners or emergencies such as people falling over or experiencing a seizure, in which case Aeolus can call for help.

Aeolus is expected to be available to the general public in the last quarter of 2018 and will supposedly cost “less than a family vacation overseas”. While this pricing is up to interpretation, Paul Miller of The Verge asked for a little more detail and was told it would cost less than USD$20,000.

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