ACMA Wants Public Spam Report

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) says it wants people to report spam or unsolicited texts.

The ACMA is rolling out a publicity campaign to make people aware they do have recourse when getting unsolicited emails and texts.

A survey commissioned by the Authority indicates nearly two in five Australians with mobile phones or an email account (39 per cent) were unaware of who to contact to complain about spam email and SMS, while almost half the population (47 per cent) were not sure where to direct complaints about unwanted telemarketing calls.

‘The survey shows that while there is a strong level of awareness and understanding about spam and unwanted telemarketing calls, taking action by lodging a complaint isn’t as well understood,’ said Chris Chapman, Chairman of the ACMA. ‘It’s actually very simple to lodge a complaint.[You] contact the Do Not Call Register on 1300 792 958 or log on to and follow the links to Enquiries and Complaints. For spam messages, contact the ACMA’s Anti-Spam Team on 1300 855 180 or log on to and follow the links to Lodge a Complaint. If we don’t receive complaints, then the ACMA cannot protect consumers’ rights.’

Chapman also noted that May 2010 marks the third anniversary of the launch of the Do Not Register. From this time, entries on the register will begin to expire. This is because numbers can only be on the register for three years and are then automatically removed if not renewed. Registrations can be renewed at any time simply by visiting or by calling 1300 792 958.’

To date, more than 3.7 million Australians have registered their phone numbers and the ACMA has recorded a 60 per cent reduction in complaints received about the telemarketing industry.