Pocket Digital Televisions From Laser

A new range of mini TVs can be used overseas as well as in Oz

Pocket digital televisions are coming to the Australian market, which feature a 3.5-inch screen, and are capable of picking up all the major free-to-air channels.

The DVBT-C30 Classic C30, DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus, and DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch also have FM radio and can pick up digital specific channels including ACC, GO!, EXPO, One, NITV, Teachers TV, and Digital Forty Four.

Incorporating an electronic program guide (EPG), users can navigate, select and discover content by time, title channel, and genre, plus the aspect ratio adjustment assures picture perfect proportions. Auto-scanning makes finding stations simple and the unit comes with a built-in antenna for high reception areas, external antenna for low reception areas. Furthermore, with most countries in Europe and Asia now broadcasting free-to-air television via the DVB-T format, the Pocket Digital TV can be used overseas with users tuning in to local stations.

DVBT-C30 Classic C30

The DVBT-C30 Classic C30 is the entry-level Pocket Digital TV – a 3.5-inch handheld DVB-T TV with remote control, digital FM radio and EPG presents channel previews, subtitles (where supported) and multi-language options. There is no need to wait to recharge on-board batteries as the unit comes with an external battery pack. What’s more, the Classic C30 doubles as a set top box offering an additional use, alternative and affordable transition from analog to digital television in the home.

DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus

On to the DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus, this 3.5-inch handheld DVBT-TV comprises multimedia rich further features and formats supported. As a media player watch movies, listen to music and view pictures…or take it to the next level – the DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus doubles as a diminutive digital video recorder (DVR). Record preferred programs to watch later with the multimedia plus recording function.

DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch
Following on, the DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch with its touchscreen interface lets users interact directly with the device and the sleek design also supports digital FM radio and EPG presents channel previews, subtitles (where supported) and multi-language (option).
Backyard or park, poolside or seaside, with the weather heating up it is never a better time to hit the outdoors and at the same time enjoy digital entertainment. The LASER Pocket Digital TV range will be available from October 2009 in time for Christmas and the Australian summer.

DVBT-C30 Classic C30 $149.95
DVBT-MP32 Multimedia Plus $199.95
DVBT-ST35 Slim Touch $229.95

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