ACMA Keen For Continued Ban on Mobile Jammers

  • Jamming ban set to continue
  • More reliance on mobile devices than ever before
  • Potential for harm too great

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is proposing to continue to prohibit jamming devices designed to interfere with public mobile telecommunication services including 3G networks and mobile WiMAX.

“The ACMA acknowledges the unanimous support for the continuation of a ban on mobile phone jammers,” said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.  “In developing this proposal, we also noted the strong support in the community for regulatory arrangements that protect mobile telecommunications services from unwanted and potentially harmful interference, and safeguard the community’s access to Triple Zero emergency call services.

“Since the original prohibition was made in March 1999, technological, economic and social developments have resulted in a proliferation of devices that consumers use for the purposes of wireless communications. Mobile networks now offer ubiquitous broadband access, in addition to traditional voice services, and there is a growing reliance on mobile connectivity for personal and business transactions. These changes make the case for continuing a ban even more compelling, and this is reflected in the new, updated prohibition proposal.”

The ACMA’s proposal to make a new PMTS Jammer Prohibition follows a review of the current prohibition, details of which are on the ACMA website.