Acer Gets Into 3D Action With New Monitor

  • Full HD 3D screen
  • Can still view 2D content
  • Suitable for 3D gaming

Unlike other 3D monitors, Acer’s latest monitor, HN274H, comes with a set of active shutter glasses and has an integrated Infra-red emitter removing the need for an external IR sensor.

Utilising NVIDIA 3D glasses, the unit uses its internal power to switch between the left and right eye in sync with images on-screen creating a 3D effect.

When it comes to PC gaming, the unit has a two millisecond response rate making it suitable for everything from high action first-person shooters to sports and racing titles. Using the NVIDIA 3D Vision software, PC users have access to over 400 titles that already support 3D.

By connecting a 3D compatible Blu-ray player, a 3D Blu-ray PC or the Playstation 3 via HDMI or DVI-DL, the unit becomes a 3D cinema. Experience movies like Avatar, Coraline and Monsters vs Aliens as their directors originally intended, in full HD 3D.

Using a 3D digital camera, users can take stereoscopic photographs that can be viewed by transfering to the HN274H via HDMI.  Professional users can also upgrade to the NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro software to unlock the potential of the monitor and use it for high end imaging projects like 3D animation and visual effects, CAD and visualisation work as well as 3D video editing.

Hooking up a set-top-box to the Acer HN274H allows users to experience full HD 3D television programs from free-to-air and paid TV providers. There are a wide range of providers available including Sky 3D, Canal+ 3D, ESPN 3D, DIRECTV HD and Discovery 3D.

While viewing regular 2D content the image quality is good, capable of a contrast ratio of 100 million to one, a brightness of 300cd/m2 and a horizontal viewing angle of 170 degrees.

Other features include touch sensitive control buttons, a teardrop power key, a rounded silver-rimmed base and an intricate vent pattern that is both stylish and contemporary. At only 4.6cm thick, the display can also be mounted on a wall if necessary.

It uses a Mercury-free white LED backlight capable of up to 68 percent power saving over a regular LCD monitor. The monitor is also RoHS compliant and uses recyclable packaging materials.