50GB Limit For Internode Naked Broadband

Adelaide-based ISP provider Internode is upping the ante on broadband downloads

Easy Naked is Internode’s companion plan to its Easy Broadband service, offering high-speed “naked” broadband with a 50GB per month of ‘anytime’ quota for $69.95.

As well as saving around $30 per month by eliminating the traditional phone service, Internode Easy Naked customers get $10 of Voice over Internet Protocol call credits every month. It is available to customers with direct access to telephone exchanges equipped with Internode’s ADSL2+ equipment.

As with Internode’s affordable range of Home broadband plans, Internode Easy Naked incurs no excess charges, offers unmetered content including online games and IP radio stations, and provides as many as five free email addresses plus free personal webspace.

Operating at high-speed ADSL2+, the Internode Easy Naked service is claimed to be available over longer distances than ADSL services that share the line with an analogue phone service. As with Internode Easy Broadband, the new plan counts both downstream and upstream traffic within its monthly data quota.