GPS For Pedestrians And Drivers

European GPS manufacturer Navigon rolls out its latest offering an already crowded Australian marketplace.

Navigon’s 1400 GPS navigator gives driving directions and also features a pedestrian mode helping to better orientate by foot.

The pedestrian mode allows users to leave the current route without automatic recalculation and also tracks the way they’ve walked with a line marked in a different color. This is aimed at providing easier and better orientation for pedestrians, claims the manufacturer.

This unit also has a Last Mile function: when the car is parked, the device automatically saves its position and immediately launches the pedestrian navigation mode with directions to the final destination. On the way home, all you need to do is select the saved destination “My Vehicle” to be guided back to your car.

The pedestrian mode also features an energy saving function that turns off all energy consuming features used for car navigation. This way, the system saves up to 50 percent of energy in the pedestrian mode allowing a longer battery life.

The Navigon 1400 also is an expert on the road, equipped with intelligent routing tools. Navigon MyRoutes learns from the user’s driving habits in order to provide an optimal route recommendation. Based on this data as well as the day of week and time of travel, it even provides the driver up to two alternative routes. All these options are displayed on a map with ETA, distance and driving time, giving the driver a choice. Reality View displays photo-realistic 3D views with road signs and lane guidance for many highway exits.

Other features include Advanced Spoken Street Names technology, which provides spoken driving directions and street names; Safety Alerts warn of speed cameras ahead potentially helping to avoid costly tickets; Clever Parking provides parking locations closest to the destination; Emergency Help gives instant access to directions and phone numbers to nearby emergency service providers; and a Clickable POIs feature guides to destinations shown on the map with one click.

The device comes with a Latest Map Guarantee making sure the device has up-to-date maps on board. The Navigon MyReport function allows users to store changed road names, new speed limits, and one-way streets during the journey and later submit them in order to improve the map material. The information is checked and verified, and then integrated into the system in later map updates.