1Password now offering individual user subscriptions, with a six month free trial

Popular password manager 1Password is moving to a subscription model, where users will have the option to pay USD$2.99 per month rather than an upfront cost of USD$64.99. Customers who subscribe to 1Password will get access to the suite of 1Password apps across desktop, tablet and smartphone, and get free upgrades whenever major versions role around. The subscription also includes web access, and automatic syncing across 1Password's own platform, whereas customers who buy the software outright instead need to use Dropbox or iCloud as an intermediary.

Subscribers who sign up before September 21 are eligible for a six month free trial. In addition, developer AgileBit says it won't lock customers in, and that if a subscription lapses, users will still be able to login, and view and export all of their data.

A 1Passsord Family plan is also available for USD$4.99, which provides access for up to five users and sharing options.

If you prefer the old model of buying the software outright per device, AgileBits say it has no intention of turning 1Password into a subscription only offering.

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