1Password goes subscription-based with USD$5 per month family plan

Popular password manager 1Password has launched a USD$5 per month family plan, allowing up to five users to securely store and sync both individual and shared passwords.

The idea behind password managers such as 1Password is they allow users to create unique, complex passwords they normally wouldn't remember for each service they use. These are then locked behind a master password which can be used to open up the vault, or login to the website in question via browser extension where applicable.

In addition to giving multiple users their own password vault, the shared version of 1Password allows family members to have a communal set of login credentials. Parents can decide who passwords are shared with, and who can edit them. A parent may, for example, allow their kids to know their Netflix password, but not have the ability to change it within the vault.

The subscription version of 1Password also gives the ability to sync their vault to other devices without the need for a third party service such as iCloud or Dropbox. As such, users also have access to the full suite of apps across Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

For families with more than five people, 1Password bills additional users at an extra USD$1 per month per family member.

Developer AgileBits will continue to sell standalone 1Password licenses as a non-subscription product. A single 1Password license typically costs USD$49.99 for either Mac or PC.

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