CyberShack TV S28:Ep3 Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum is its ultimate weapon for victory over dirt in a clean home. It not only one of the best stick vacuums, it cleans up after itself with a cleaning and charge station.

It (HN website here) includes a five-stage filtration system, trapping virtually all fine dust and allergens. The 210-watt digital inverter motor is Samsung’s most powerful ever.

After vacuuming, the Clean and Charge Station automatically empties the vacuum’s dustbin without spreading fine dust everywhere.

The Bespoke Jet features two interchangeable batteries that last for 60 minutes of run time for a total of two hours – enough to do the whole house.

The smartly designed powered brush makes the Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum perfect for all kinds of surfaces, with soft bristles that pick up particles on hard floors and stiffer bristles that help pick dirt out of carpets.

You can check out CyberShack’s full review of the vacuum here.

There are several models, but they all use the same Bespoke Jet 2022 vacuum body with a powered Jet Dual brush (soft or hard floor), Pet Tool, Combination tool, Extension crevice tool and flexible tool.

  • Elite Extra $1399 adds Slim Action brush (hard floor), Spray Spinning power mop, extra battery
  • Pro Extra $1299 has a Spray Spinning power mop, extra battery
  • Complete extra $1299 has a Slim Action brush (hard floor), extra battery
  • Pet Extra $1199 no extra tools, extra battery
  • Pet $1099 no extra tools

The Samsung Bespoke 2022 range is different to the 90 (200W), 70 (150W), and 60 (150W) ranges, where you can get a clean station for $100 more (special Samsung online-only offer at purchase time to 31 December 2022).

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