Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TVs | CyberShack TV S28:Ep2 (AV)

Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TVs include 4K and 8K models for this year adding improved lighting performance and a brand new user interface. The Neo QLED TVs provide an unparalleled viewing experience in Samsung’s range.

4K Models Neo QLED

The QN85 is entry-level. Like other models, it benefits from Samsung’s Quantum Mini LED backlighting that allows for precise luminance control across the image. The result is incredible detail in shadows and bright areas.

The QN90 is a mid-range model with a compelling mix of features. This model has improved HDR compatibility, with Quantum HDR 32x for better peak brightness and a true-to-cinema contrast range. This level of HDR can bring your movies to life.

Samsung’s QN95 is the best of the 4K range, and comes with a unique design. Cables are via Samsung’s Slim One Connect box, keeping cables out of the way for a very tidy install. Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound (OTS) is at its best with sounds emanating directly from it where they are in the scene.

8K Models Neo QLED

The QN800 packs plenty of features to make it more than an entry-level 8K model. It has an interesting Infinity One design bezel – one of Samsung’s thinnest, for distraction-free viewing and seamless wall-mounting.

The QN900 represents the best of everything. The Infinity Display offers a virtually bezel-free experience, with images seeming to fall off the edge of the screen. Quantum HDR 64x is the top choice (QN800 has HDR 32x), and OTS Pro sound provides true Dolby Atmos immersion and precise tracking.

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Samsung 2022 Neo QLED TVs