CyberShack TV S27:Ep7 – Harvey Norman Super Wi-Fi

The Harvey Norman Super Wi-Fi range here can help to reduce or eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and bring your home the best available network speeds using a combination of mesh and Wi-Fi 6 technologies. It guarantees better Wi-Fi or your money back!

Wi-Fi dead zones – blackspots – happen when the signal passes through thick walls, long distances, large metal objects like filing cabinets, or other wireless devices causing interference. Mesh Wi-Fi can alleviate this with multiple connected satellite routers that automatically connect your device to the best Wi-Fi signal – similar to how mobile phone towers work.

Wi-Fi 6 is a new standard that allows for more device connections, faster speeds, increased security and reduced interference. Pairing Mesh Wi-Fi technology with Wi-Fi 6 results in what Harvey Norman Super Wi-Fi. It is the perfect, modern Wi-Fi solution for all types of home and internet connections.

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