TPG/iiNet/Internode/Westnet will jettison its email users

TPG/iiNet/Internode/Westnet will jettison its email users, offering them the option of a transfer to ‘The Messaging Company’ free until 15 September 2024. If you take up the option, you can keep your email address, contacts, and calendar. Vodafone does not offer free email.

With little to no notice, TPG posted this link. “TPG has decided to stop providing email services. This change will help us focus on creating better experiences for our core products: internet and mobile.”

But, as we quote, “TPG does not have information on The Messaging Company email pricing … It will be able to provide you with pricing before charges start after the first year.”

If that is not a pig in a poke (deceptive trick), then I don’t know what is.

Users are terribly upset that TPG/iiNet/Internode/Westnet will jettison its email users

Another quote sums it up:

As a customer of 15 years, I am incredibly upset about this decision to remove emails from TPG/iiNet with barely any warning. I will not be giving the company any more of my business.

But most of all, I’m incredibly concerned about my Aliases – which are tied up in logins for just about every major service I use (myGov, streaming services, business platforms, etc.). I don’t know what I’d do if I lost them. Does anyone know anything about the Aliases situation? It’s not like TPG lets you email them to ask, and I can’t find a chat window or anything

There are a few time bombs in this TPG/iiNet/Internode/Westnet move

Q: Who owns the Messaging Company?

A: It is owned by Est. 1998. CEO Dave Richards. ABN 31 669 674 382 registered in Brisbane 13/7/23. It is a ‘white-label’ messaging company, and ‘We are experts in monetisation (subscription-based pricing, email upsells, advertising options and more”.

Q: Will it use the TGP user interface?

A: Likely not. “We know that 86% of customers will pay more for a better experience, so we create inclusive modern webmail interfaces that your end customers will love”.

Q: Where is your data stored?

A: Unknown.

Q: What are the Messaging Company costs?

A: Unknown and won’t be revealed until approx. sixty days before 15 September 2024.

Q: I have several aliases (slave accounts). Can I transfer them?

A: You can only transfer the registered username. We understand you cannot set up additional aliases or slave names that point back to the username. As of 6 June 2023 (before the notice was given), you cannot create any new TPG usernames.

Q: Who do I call for support?

A: The Messaging Company, but we have no further details about the process, e.g., web form, chatbot etc.

Q: What happens to my data if I don’t move?

All data for all users is moved to TMC. If you don’t move, your account will be suspended and deleted on 30 November 2023. After that, there is no recovery process.

What to do NOW if you don’t move

We suggest you move to gain some time to plan your next steps, get a new email address, advise everyone, and back up your email. We can’t tell you how to do this because we don’t use TPG et al. or TMC. Theoretically, you should be able to back up and import it to any new email provider.

The bottom line is that you will lose your TGP email username. HINT: You will also need to change the email address for your TPG account too. Now that you are not locked to TPG, it is time to look at a better provider like Aussie Broadband with a local call centre that really cares.

That means setting up a new email address

The most obvious and safest is the free Google Gmail (set up here) that you will already have if you use an Android phone or TV. You can use this as webmail on any device (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome). It also has a calendar and contacts. Theoretically, you can set up your TPG account in Gmail, which should make a cloud copy of everything. Read Google Gmail is a safe alternative to your broadband supplier’s email.

If not Gmail, then the free Microsoft Outlook (recommended if you use Microsoft 365) or free iCloud Mail  (recommended if you use Apple).

CyberShack’s view – convenient for TPG/iiNet/Internode/Westnet but bloody inconvenient for you

There is nothing more personal than an email address you have had for a long time and rely on.

Our advice has always been to get an email address not linked to your internet provider.

TPG et al. know you will likely take the easy option and move to TMC. BUT they are not reducing your internet package price and providing less service. In fact, The Messaging Company states it is a profitable move for an ISP, and they are experts in monetising your account.

Not telling you the projected cost of future subscriptions is like telling you to vote Yes for the Voice without the details! It’s a pig in a poke.