Telstra Blue Tick Part IV – Telstra won’t listen and does not know what it is doing (smartphone)

Telstra Blue Tick Part IV is about a pretty astute and tech-savvy reader who has argued with Telstra over black spot coverage. He is frequently told to buy so-called Blue Tick phones and expensive 5G plans that would not work any better than what he has.

The image above is important as it shows the mountainous terrain that causes black spots.

Jim of Pretty Beach writes

Hi Ray

Love your Telstra Blue Tick articles. It is time someone called them out.

Like you, I escaped to the Central Coast. I live at Pretty Beach and work at Hardys Bay on the inland side of the Bouddi National Park area. We have a reliable NBN FTTN 50/20. This is necessary for Wi-Fi calling, as I cannot get a reliable phone signal almost anywhere over here.

After reading your reviews, I purchased a 2022 Motorola Edge 30 Fusion with Qualcomm SD888+ 5G (it has fantastic phone reception). It has improved my phone signal and black spot coverage issues. I use the Network Cell Info app, and it shows that at Pretty Beach, I get 3G Band 5/850Mhz, which will be gone soon. I have never had 4G Band 28/700Mhz. At Hardys Bay, I mainly get 4G Band 3/1800MHz at around -100dBm and <100fW – barely usable.

The whole area behind Bouddi Mountain has issues. We get a minimal signal from Ettalong Mantra 2257001 (Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone 4 and 5G).

My argument is with Telstra

It has now closed the Woy Woy store. It said we have good 4G coverage (see their map) when we don’t. The nearest Telstra store is 35 minutes away at Erina, and there is no intelligent life there. They could only recommend a Blue Tick phone and upgrade to an expensive 5G plan that Telstra has no intention of bringing to our area (see the pink map below).

I was told Telstra was planning a base station 227506 at Killcare later this year. However, the area is mountainous, and I don’t see how it will reach our valley. A far better place for a repeater is on Rip Bridge. This would cover Booker Bay and the inland side of the Bouddi peninsular. Telstra won’t listen.

I get so angry when Telstra says we don’t have an issue when we do. Who can I report this to?


It is a real issue when Telstra will not listen. It won’t talk to me either because I divorced it long ago for poor service. And it helps my blood pressure not to argue with them.

You already have a great phone with the best possible reception. You have covered tower coverage and signal strength. I looked up the nPerf map for the area (it is under the Telstra fantasy map above), and you are in a deep black hole. Telstra coverage maps are rubbish.

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO start your complaint online now) can receive complaints about poor coverage and dropouts. But I would take a slightly different approach. See if you can meet with your Federal member, Dr Gordon Reid [email protected], preferably at your home, and show him the issue first-hand. He may have some swing as so much of the Central Coast (90km from Sydney) is in a blackspot.

It would help to have documented any contacts with Telstra, at least the dates and people you spoke to.

What have we learned from Telstra Blue Tick Part IV?

  • That a Blue Tick phone won’t help if you live in a black spot but Telstra will try to sell you one anyway.
  • Telstra stores have little expertise and incentive to fix issues. They revert to selling you a Blue Tick phone and an expensive 5G plan you cannot use.
  • It is impossible to talk to anyone in Telstra that can make any difference.
  • No amount of logical or rational discussion with Telstra can change its course. It is tragic that you must go to the TIO in the first place.

Please keep us informed. If any reader has mobile phone issues, send an email to [email protected].