School Student Broadband Initiative narrows the digital divide.

The School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI) will provide free NBN internet access for 12 months for up to 30,000 families, ensuring every child has broadband access.

The SSBI initiative starts in late February. Participating schools, education authorities and charities/community organisations must nominate eligible families with school-age children. These organisations will identify and provide information directly to families about the initiative. The Smith Family, Catholic Network Australia, and Catholic Education WA are already participating, with more organisations joining soon.

Retail service providers to provide NBN services under this initiative include: Aussie Broadband, Belong (Telstra), Exetel, Field Solutions Group, Launtel, Lemonade Broadband (Connected Australia), SkyMesh, Superloop and Vodafone (TPG).

The one-year, 50/20Mbps free service begins from the day the service begins. If NBN is not available, Fixed-Wireless Plus and Sky Muster Plus services, depending on where the family lives, with large or unlimited data quotas, will apply. The full monthly price (nominally $79 or more per month) will apply after the initiative expires.

If you consider your family eligible, get in touch with your school.

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School Student Broadband Initiative