Click Frenzy scams could cost you dearly (consumer advice)

Click Frenzy scams are getting more sophisticated, covering everything from realistic fake websites to malware-laden SMS delivery messages. They are so effective because, over the COVID lockdown, we became used to shopping online.

There is nothing new about this except that cybercriminals are getting better by using AI to find your buttons to push (evoke a response). For example, the fake website may be referred to on Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp etc. and liked by your friends (but it is fake).

Or the SMS scam urges you to prevent scams and confirm you have purchased the goods or arrange delivery. That ‘click’ is deadly.

Click Frenzy scams

What you can do to reduce the risk of Click Frenzy Scams

Jam Pathirana warns consumers to watch out for SMS delivery text scams over the next few weeks.  He is CEO of B dynamic, one of the country’s leading eCommerce and logistics businesses for many large retailers, including Cosco, ALDI, P&G, Dymocks, Universal Music Group, Dettol and more. 

With Click Frenzy happening, scammers are ramping up their efforts to scam you with fake parcel delivery text messages. Thousands of people receive scam SMS delivery text messages telling them to click on the link to confirm or change their delivery. Many of them purport to come from Australia Post, and these scam SMS messages look very real.  Given most people are shopping online, the messages appear genuine, but the problem is they are not.

Jam Pathirana

 When you click through the link, it encourages you to provide your personal information or, even worse, your financial information. You are scammed

He warns:

  • Be extra vigilant – don’t assume it is OK
  • Don’t click on any links in SMS messages about delivery 
  • Check with the retailer to see if the message is genuine.
  • Block and report suspicious SMS messages

See CyberShack’s guide. Think you can identify a scam? You are probably wrong.

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