Who you gonna call? Norton 360 Advanced will personally help you defeat phone scammers (and more).

Norton 360 Advanced, NortonLifeLock’s 2022 offering, is undoubtedly the most comprehensive anti-virus protection on the planet. But it has gone one step beyond offering Australians its LifeLock service to help you survive and recover from scams.

We won’t go into details about phone scams – it is all here – Been phone scammed lately? It is your fault. But here is a basic overview:

  • Professional scammers in India, China, Russia, the Philippines, and more call centres use Artificial intelligence to interrogate your dark web profile (yes, you have one). They concoct a plausible story with just enough nuggets of personal information – the ring of truth – to reel you in.
  • For example, scammers know what type of PC/Mac/smartphone you use and what Anti-virus you have installed. They probably know which bank you use because of your web visits. And they know where you live, what your age/gender is and may even know your interests (damned Facebook). That plausible excuse is enough to let your guard down.
  • Scammer: We have detected some unusual activity from your computer (fear, uncertainty, doubt). If you don’t act right now (urgent call to action), you may fall victim to cyber scammers emptying your bank account (the consequence of inaction). Would you like me to help you to stop the scammer? (Simple and quick solution).”

Once you agree to help, you will do anything they ask.

Norton 360 Advanced has LifeLock

Norton 360 Advanced cannot stop phone scammers. But it can help you avoid giving out too much information to supplement your dark web profile; secure your web traffic; warn you about dodgy websites, and much more. It is kind of like Jiminy Cricket (your deuteragonist, wise, rational conscience) – the conscience you should have but often ignore.

Who you gonna call? Norton 360 Advanced with LifeLock

When not if, you get scammed (one-in-three have been), LifeLock offers personal help to recover from Identify Theft; restore your identity; and even insurance up to $58,000 to help cover costs. It covers up to:

  • $25k legal expense reimbursement (to get your ID/reputation/new forms of Identity etc.)
  • $25k obligation to pay cover (most banks don’t cover refunds of scams)
  • $3k for lost income (it takes time to get your life back)
  • $5k for miscellaneous expenses

The Insurance Policy information booklet is here.

It has many extra features

  • Real-time endpoint protection (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS) – call this Anti-virus
  • Secure VPN – allows you to use free Wi-Fi hotspots without the fear of your data theft
  • Password Manager – never have to remember a pesky, insecure password again
  • PC cloud backup to recover from ransomware attacks
  • Parental Control – monitor children’s use, set limits and make use of agreements they can abide by
  • Dark Web monitoring – alerts you if your email has been part of a breach of your personal information (say driver’s licence number) is on the dark web
  • Social media monitoring for account takeovers, inappropriate content etc.
  • And Identity Theft Insurance (LifeLock).

It covers up to 5 devices (you can buy more licenses) and one LifeLock subscription (you can buy more). Cost is $259, and extra LifeLock accounts (Norton Identity Advisor Plus) at $119.99 per annum.

CyberShack’s view – Norton 360 Advanced is comprehensive but too rich for most.

Undoubtedly the most comprehensive antivirus/malwre solution today with lots of great features. But most readers are happy to use Microsoft’s free Defender or spend maybe under $100 for bare antivirus/malware for five devices (PCs, phones, tablets, etc.) not realising there is such a package on the market.

Norton adds that “Who you gonna call” peace of mind.

Norton 360 Advanced Website

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