Trend Micro Unveils Consumer Security Solutions for AI PCs

Trend Micro announced its first consumer security solutions for AI PCs. These advanced capabilities will be available to consumers in late 2024.

Carla Rodriguez, VP and GM of Client Software Ecosystem Enabling at Intel, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. “We work with Trend Micro on AI solutions leveraging our next generation Intel Core Ultra processors, codenamed Lunar Lake. Trend will be the first to utilise Lunar Lake’s 48 NPU Tops on their email defence feature, running scans locally to increase user privacy and security while lowering latency.”

Trend’s collaboration with Intel underscores its commitment to innovation. Kevin Simzer, COO at Trend Micro, emphasised the dual focus on leveraging AI for security and securing AI itself. “The value of this AI era depends on how secure it is, from the enterprise level to the individual consumer. We address both.”

AI PCs, powered by neural processing units (NPUs), allow consumers to run AI applications locally, enhancing privacy and performance. As manufacturers introduce AI PCs, consumers face new opportunities and risks. Trend commits to addressing these risks with new capabilities showcased at Computex 2024.

AI Application Protection

One of these capabilities is AI application protection. Traditional cybersecurity methods cannot protect AI applications from threats like model tampering or knowledge base poisoning. Our AI application protection, launching in 2024, safeguards users from losing sensitive information or falling victim to misinformation.

NPU-powered email security

Another key feature is NPU-powered email security. Previously, email content required cloud analysis due to high computing demands. Now, we run email scam protection locally on AI PCs, enhancing user experience and data privacy. We expect this feature to double in usage on AI PCs and will include it in our device security solutions in 2024.

For more information on consumer security solutions for AI PCs, visit Trend Micro’s consumer AI security page.

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