SONY CES 2022 – ‘fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology’

Sony CES 2022 showed that it is still a massive company with some of the most innovative TV, camera, camera sensors, gamers consoles, movie/music production, drones, and much more. It is also developing EV and AV/VR technology.

It is working both sides – with creators to ensure their vision gets to the end-user and vice versa the end-user to ensure they see what creators intended.

For example, during COVID lockdowns, Sony’s Crystal LED Theatre frees creators from various restrictions in shooting, such as location, weather, and time, by implementing a production environment that integrates the background image with the subject in real-time. A special Sony VENICE camera enhances the creators’ toolset.

Sony’s Hawk-Eye Innovations’ latest achievement introduces new skeletal tracking and data-visualisation systems. These systems make it possible to track the movements of athletes and objects instantly and accurately from the live game video captures, collect the skeletal data and virtually recreate the live-action.

Sony is also conducting a PoC (proof of concept) with Manchester City Football Club to create a next-generation global online fan community that integrates the physical and virtual worlds. The PoC will leverage Sony’s image analysis technology and sensing technology, as well as Hawk-Eye’s tracking systems, to explore the creation of new forms of entertainment to engage sports fans all over the world.

Live stream 360° audio

Sony is live streaming David Bowie’s “A Reality Tour in 360 Reality Audio” remastered in its 360° sound format. Click here

And that’s just before morning tea…

Sony CES 2022 product showcase

BRAVIA – note that not all models and sizes will come to Australia. The US website has all XR models here.

8K Bravia XR Z9K and X95K 4K mini-LED/LCD TV

After we removed the Sony hype and made-up words, we can tell you that Sony has a 75 and 85″ mini-LED TV with Cognitive XR depth processing (processes the object and the background separately), 3D sound (has up-firing speakers as well) and Bravia Cam.

A95K QD-OLED is a marriage between OLED (as the primary light and colour source) and a Quantum Dot overlay for vibrant, saturated colours. It comes in 55/65″ and shares similar specifications to the X95K 4K.

A90K OLED comes in 42/48″ and shares similar specifications as the X95K 4K.

A80K OLED comes in 55/65/77″ OLED and shares the same specification as the X95K 4K.

X90K Full-array LED/LCD comes in 55/65/75/85″ and offers similar feature to the A80K.

All Bravia feature

  • Google TV OS and Google Assistant
  • Cognitive Processor XR with foreground/background image processing
  • XR Triluminos Max, which delivers our widest colour palette and reproduces naturally beautiful shades and hues and Ambient Optimisation for light conditions
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+ (OLED) and Acoustic Multi- Audio (LED)
  • Enhanced centre audio channel with Sony soundbars
  • Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode
  • Perfect for PlayStation 5 (HDMI 2.1 ALLM, VRR etc.)
  • Backlit remote
  • Optional Bravia Cam
  • Commitment to sustainability

Sony has also added 360° Spatial sound to its HT-A7000 and HT-A5000 soundbars when connected to the coming optional SA-RS5 wireless rear speakers.

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