Galaxy Ring: Simplifying Wellness, Starting With Sleep (wearables)

After months of speculation and countless leaks, the Samsung Ring is officially here! One ring so intelligent, it rules them all. Channeling the magic of Middle-earth, this smart ring is the perfect solution for those who desire the convenience of a smartwatch without the need to wear one.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Designed for 24/7 wellness monitoring5, the Galaxy Ring is lightweight6, weighing between 2.3 and 3.0 grams. It ensures comfort during extended wear7. Choose from three colours: Titanium Black, Titanium Silver, and Titanium Gold. A sizing kit8 helps you find the right fit from nine size options.

Customised Support with Galaxy AI

Galaxy Ring offers around-the-clock support, customised with Galaxy AI. All data and insights integrate into Samsung Health9 for seamless access without a subscription. Starting with sleep, the foundation of wellness, Galaxy Ring features Samsung’s best-in-class sleep analysis10. A powerful sleep AI algorithm helps you understand your sleep patterns and build better habits.

Comprehensive Sleep Metrics

The Galaxy Ring provides a detailed sleep analysis. Metrics include Sleep Score, snoring analysis, movement during sleep, sleep latency, heart rate, and respiratory rate. With Cycle Tracking11, you can track your menstrual cycle more effectively.

Holistic Health Insights

Wake up refreshed with Galaxy Ring’s holistic insights and motivational encouragement. Galaxy AI generates a detailed health report. The new Energy Score12 enhances your awareness of how health influences your daily life. It evaluates your physical and mental conditions across Sleep, Activity, Sleeping Heart Rate, and Sleeping Heart Rate Variability. Personalised messages from Wellness Tips13 enhance your well-being.

Heart Health and Fitness Monitoring

Samsung Galaxy Ring supports broader wellness monitoring. Heart Rate Alert14 provides instant notifications about unusually high or low heart rates. Live Heart Rate Check gives additional heart rate details. Auto Workout Detection15 tracks walking and running automatically, while Inactive Alert offers daily fitness reminders.

Convenient Features

Take photos or dismiss alarms with a double pinch via Gestures16. Find your Galaxy Ring using Find My Ring on Samsung Find17. The Galaxy Ring combines comfort, customisation, and comprehensive health monitoring to simplify your wellness journey.

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