Qualcomm CES 2022 – resistance is futile

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon used Qualcomm CES 2022 that Arm-based Windows PCs are here to stay. But there is much more to Qualcomm, which is at the root of some exciting technology.

Windows on ARM (WOA)

There was a lot of scepticism about the transition of the PC to ARM, but it is happening, and it is inevitable.

While it could be construed as a warning shot over Intel and AMDs’ x-86 CPUs, the demand is for Windows on a range of devices. The pie will exponentially grow when WOA brings the technology advantages of smartphones like telecommunications, virtual and augmented reality, battery life and portability to PCs (laptops). Lightweight, high-speed access to cloud computing is also driving WOA.

Demand for WOA is growing, mainly due to Windows 11 better support. The price gap between Android or iOS tablets/hybrids and the more fully-featured WOA is narrowing.

Intelligent Edge

Armon says that every IoT device needs more edge computing power – instead of going back to the cloud for every decision. By 2025, 64% of all data will be created outside traditional data centres, and that’s the opportunity for Qualcomm – the company that will power the edge.

Beyond mobile

Amon says there is a $700 billion market beyond mobile devices – IoT, hearables, wearables, gaming controllers and more. Sound, camera, security and gaming – as mobile becomes mainstream gaming. So we’re very excited about what’s happening with the Snapdragon road map with 8 Gen 1. And with that, we’re going to go beyond mobile.

Augmented Reality

We are developing a custom augmented reality Snapdragon chip for next-generation power-efficient, very lightweight AR glasses for the Microsoft ecosystem. We integrate that chip into the Microsoft Mesh platform and the recently announced Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces XR development platform. Snapdragon Spaces will fully integrate into Microsoft Mesh. This platform is going to be available for next-generation lightweight glasses.

5G mmWave universal last-mile delivery technology

In addition to being a transport technology for the home, it can also be a last-mile technology for the home alongside Wi-Fi. We have partnered with AT&T for 5G as a core technology for backhaul and direct broadband access in both homes and the enterprise. It will enable on-demand cloud computing without the need for a complex, powerful PC.

Automotive – the digital chassis and network-connected cars

Qualcomm’s success in mobile, unlike some of our OEM component competitors, is that we have been involved in every aspect of mobile from early on – standards like regulatory, mobile and telecoms, highly regulated environments. We’ve helped build automotive ecosystems.

V2X will enable a car to communicate with the others, buses, traffic lights… The opportunity to have intelligent transportation is a key feature of this digital cockpit. … Something as simple as telling you to adjust your speed to get a green light … and tell you about hazards, about things you need to pay attention to, what’s happening in an intersection.


Facebook did not invent the metaverse. It is simply about creating an alternate digital world of a real-world – a digital twin. Qualcomm’s role here is connectivity – the gateway to the metaverse.

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