OPPO Announces AI Phones for All

OPPO has committed to making AI phones accessible to everyone. Aiming to bring generative AI features to 50 million users globally by the end of 2024. They plan to integrate AI across all their smartphone product lines, working with industry leaders like Google, MediaTek, and Microsoft to enhance AI capabilities.

At a recent event in London, OPPO showcased their vision of a smarter, more convenient life through AI phones. Michael Tran, Managing Director of OPPO Australia, emphasised their goal to democratise AI technology, making it available not just in flagship models but across all devices. This move aims to enrich the everyday experiences of users, particularly in the Australian market.

OPPO has filed over 5,000 AI-related patents, with 70% focused on AI imaging. They have developed their own Large Language Models (LLMs). And have integrated over 100 generative AI features into their phones this year. These advancements include AI tools for productivity, such as fast transcription and real-time translation, and creative features like photo editing and content generation.

Collaborations with Google will see OPPO’s Reno12 Series and next-generation Find X Flagship phones equipped with Google Gemini family LLMs. Providing innovative features like AI Writer and AI Recording Summary. With MediaTek, they are enhancing chip efficiency, and with Microsoft, they are improving voice and text conversion and connectivity between desktop AI and phones.

OPPO believes this transition to AI phones will be a long-term evolution, leading to a comprehensive transformation and ecosystem restructuring. They are committed to developing advanced AI experiences through continuous innovation and collaboration, heralding a new era of AI-powered smartphones.

Read the press release here.

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