LG’s Black Friday Shopping tips – never a better time to buy LG

LG’s Black Friday Shopping tips are particularly useful, and we thought it best to let readers know. Of course, its ulterior motive for these tips is to ensure you get a fabulous LG OLED or Mini-LED or LG anything at the best price this year.

Start Shopping Early  

Retailers start offering Black Friday deals as early as October, and sales will continue throughout November and into December. The sooner you begin to shop, the more chance you have to get the product you want and the more discounts you can collect over the next few months.

Do Your Research   

The cheapest product is not the best. What you really want at the best price is what Black Friday is all about. Search for the product first and then look for its best price.

Set a Budget  

It is too hard to make money and too easy to spend. Look for quality and value rather than cheap. For example, the LG G3 OLED EVO TV, is easily the best OLED of 2023. It has the technology and picture quality that will give you a device that excites and satisfies for years.

LG G3 OLED EVO 2023 Model G3PSA – the best OLED yet

LG C3 OLED EVO 2023 – Model C3PSA – save a few pennies

Watch for Special Sales Days  

Discounts fluctuate across the Black Friday weekend, so it’s worth watching for dedicated sales days. Cyber Monday is usually the best to grab an incredible deal on tech products. Home appliances may be at their lowest price on Cyber Sunday.

LG’s Black Friday Shopping tips – save your money

Black Friday sales are the perfect opportunity to purchase those premium tech products you’ve had your eye on, at value prices. Making a conscious decision to shop for big-ticket items means you can upgrade your home entertainment setup at a better price than you will find in retail year-round. Remember cheap will always be cheap. The best is all about value long after the price is forgotten.

Tony Brown, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at LG Electronics Australia, offered this advice for savvy shoppers: 

IT products like gaming monitors and laptops are particularly popular during Black Friday Sales.

 It is the best time of year to get the latest tech at value prices. As many consumers wait for the sales to upgrade, we’re targeting discounts this year on the IT products we know Aussies want.  The best advice would be to think big. Our UltraGear OLED gaming monitors are the ultimate tech for avid gamers and will come with hefty discounts this year. Likewise, our LG gram laptop range is packed with the latest software and hardware. These premium features usually come at a premium cost, but the Black Friday sales mean there’s no better time to upgrade.

Brad Reed, Head of B2B Marketing (Solutions for Business) at LG Electronics Australia

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