LG’s Back-to-School Products: Light, Powerful, Student-Friendly! (computers)

Choosing the right back-to-school essentials is always a challenge, but thin and light is a key ingredient of a successful choice. LG, who have had much success with their LG gram range and are ensuring it’s on the selection list pre-Christmas as parents consider their kids educational tools for 2024 as Christmas gifts.In line with this, we’ve assembled LG’s Back-to-School products for versatile learning at home, school, or on the go. These lightweight, powerful tools meet diverse children’s needs.

LG TONE Free T90 Dolby Atmos Wireless Earbuds | $399
The LG TONE T90 earbuds offer customizable sound and a comfortable, secure fit, ideal for children. Additionally, adjustable ambient sound intensity allows children to remain alert to their surroundings while commuting or concentrate in quieter environments like libraries. Plus, Dolby Head Tracking creates an immersive audio environment, enhancing engagement during online classes. Furthermore, the self-cleaning UV charging case ensures a hygienic listening experience, contributing to children’s safety and optimal learning.

LG back-to-school earbuds

LG gram Style | $3,399
The LG Gram Style boasts an incredibly lightweight design, extended battery life, and sturdy build, making it perfect for children. Weighing just 1.23kg, it combines portability with high-performance computing driven by a 13th Gen Intel Core CPU. Besides, with a 72Wh battery, students can navigate classrooms and tutorials hassle-free on a single charge. Additionally, its iridescent design complements the anti-glare OLED display, enhancing the engaging visual experience with vibrant colors.

LG back-to-school must have: LG Gram

LG gram SuperSlim | $3,299
The LG gram SuperSlim stands out as one of the lightest and thinnest laptops available, tailored for children’s academic needs. Weighing under 1kg and slim at just over 1cm thick, it effortlessly slips into backpacks while offering productivity features necessary for schoolwork. Additionally, the 60Wh battery supports wireless learning throughout the day. Plus, with a premium OLED display, 13th Gen Intel Core processor, and Dolby Atmos Sound, it fosters a conducive learning environment.

LG back-to-school must have: LG Gram Superslim

Discover LG’s back-to-school essentials, designed for versatile and powerful learning experiences for students.

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