LG StanbyME and OLED Flex – Price and availability (AV)

The LG StanbyME and OLED Flex are available for pre-order from 21 September to 12 October with special offers from participating retailers.

LG StanbyME $1995

The LG StanbyME is a portable, battery-operated, landscape or portrait smart screen for digital TV and audio and video content. Its unique stand design on hidden castors means you can move it around.


  • 27” 1920 x 1080 (FHD), 16:9, 340 nits, 1000:1 contrast, 60Hz, edge-lit, touch screen, LED/LCD
  • LG WebOS 6.0 (not WebOS 23 for TVs) operating system is for digital TV, streaming services (like Netflix), a monitor, and a web browser. It cannot run Apps from the LG Content Store, so check it has the streaming apps, particularly digital TV, that you need. It does not have a TV tuner.
  • LG Channels free advertising-supported TV is part of WebOS.
  • α7 AI Processor Gen4 means 1080p upscale, seven SDR (standard dynamic range) modes (Vivid, Standard, Auto Power Saving, Cinema, Cricket, ISF Expert Bright Room, ISF Expert Dark Room).
  • Dynamic Tone Mapping display HDR/HDR10/HLG content downmixed to the panel’s SDR capabilities.
  • Wi-Fi 5 AC for streaming and internet connection
  • BT 5.0 for Bluetooth connection to speakers, headphones, keyboards, trackpads etc. You can cast to it as well.
  • Supports Apple AirPlay 2, Homekit
  • HDMI 2.0 Ultra High-Speed cable, CEC for connection to a soundbar or other video input device
  • USB-A 23.0 for audio payback
  • NFC tagging for fast pair
  • Games Dashboard for up to 1080p@60Hz games (not VRR/ALLM)
  • IR Remote control
  • Up to 3-hour 14.8V/5A/74W battery (Home Mode, Volume Level 10 and continuous video streaming). Four-hour DC 19V/5.79A/110W charge.
  • 2 x 5W 2.0 speakers with AI sound and Clear Voice Pro settings
  • 621 (W) x 1275(H) x 397 (D) x 17.5kg. The stand base is 397mm round.
  • Mobile phone cradle
  • It is not IP-rated for dust or water resistance.
  • It cannot use a webcam for video chat
  • No voice assistant support
  • Children need supervision as the stand can be pushed over.

Special Offer

Pre-orders will receive up to a $200 retailer gift card.

CyberShack’s view – LG StanbyME is unique

This device is about having a use case, like using it in a small apartment, bedroom, or study. Unlike a TV attached to the wall or desktop, it is a personal device.

LG OLED Flex $4999

This is really an LG WebOS 22 smart OLED TV device that flexes (bends) from a flat 42” screen through 20 curve levels to a tight 900R.


  • 4K OLED 100/120Hz WOLED (not Evo) SAR super anti-reflective coating with excellent viewing angles.
  • α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K
  • LG WebOS 22 with access to the Apps Content Store. All C2 OLED functions.
  • TV Tuner
  • Nine SDR modes (Vivid, Standard, Eco, Cinema, Sports, Game, Filmmaker, (ISF)Expert (Bright Room), (ISF) Expert (Dark Room))
  • Dolby Vision IQ/Dolby Atmos (no DTS) / HDR10 / HLG and Dynamic Tone Mapping
  • Magic remote
  • Works with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit
  • Massive desktop stand 140mm height and +10/-5° tile (not wall mountable)
  • Wi-Wi 5 AC
  • BT 5.0
  • 4 HDMI 2.1 inc one eARC/CEC
  • 4 USB
  • 937 x 622~762 x 297 x 22.6kg
  • 2.0 speaker and virtualised Dolby Atmos
  • Integrated noise cancelling mic
  • Game Optimiser for 4K@100/120fps, 1ms VRR/ALLM/AMD FreeSync Premium/NVIDIA G-Sync and rear RGB game lighting. Full PS5 and Xbox X compatibility

Special offer

Pre-orders will receive up to a $500 retailer gift card

CyberShack’s view – LG OLED Flex will be a wealthy gamers best friend.

Gamers will already be coveting the LG C3 and G3 OLED Evo. This uses LG WebOS 22 (not 23 for 2023 TVs), as it has been in the US for some time.

Its main feature is the Flex, and it does everything the LG C2 TV does.

LG is a CyberShack supporter, and this is for reader interest.

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