LG CES 2022 sneak peek – LG Objet TV and LG StanbyME TV

LG CES 2022 will show off two new TVs – a 65” you can hide and a 27” wireless TV on a wheeled stand. At this stage, we have no Australian pricing or availability.

LG CES 2022 is shaping up as its platform for significant announcements after COVID affected CES 2020 and 2021. It is time for some excitement. All important LG news will be on its CES site and global YouTube channel, where you see and hear about its vision for moving forward (note links may not be live until early January).

LG Objet TV 65” model 65Art90

Essentially an LG 65” OLED evo panel (like the G1 series) with an  80W, 4.2 sound system and a raise/lowerable canvas style cover from Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat. Colours include Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood, Kvadrat Green – all selected to blend in with a range of interior designs.

When partially lowered (Line view), it can show Date & Clock, an audio player in Music settings or display a collection of exclusive space and nature-themed images. When fully lowered, it is a full-spec LG OLED TV with the smarts needed for gaming and more. It has true HDMI 2.1, eARC, VRR, ALLM, and more with the evo OLED self-emissive pixels for a superior 4K TV experience.

Flush wall or easel mounted and has a cable in the frame system to keep its clean lines.

LG StanbyME

A wireless (internet-connected) 27” IPS touch/gesture panel on a stand for landscape (16:9) or portrait use. It is kind of a hybrid monitor and TV with a range of apps, including Netflix and YouTube. Or you can NFC cast a smartphone (iOS and Android) and connect a computer via HDMI or USB-C. Perfect for video conferences. It has a built-in 3-hour battery (it will have a charging brick).

It has a pure white swivel, tilt and rotate stand with concealed wheels. The rear cover is a Pure Beige textural fabric. When not in use is can display artwork, photos or a clock/calendar.

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