JBL’s Quantum Stream Microphone – Perfect for Content Creators! (AV)

JBL, a leader in audio technology, has announced a significant expansion of its Quantum Stream microphone line up. Introducing the Quantum Stream Talk, Quantum Stream Studio, and Quantum Stream Wireless. These new additions continue JBL’s tradition of providing top-notch sound quality for creators of all kinds, ensuring that regardless of their preferred format, they can effectively tell their stories.

The Quantum Stream series microphones are designed to cater to a wide range of content creation needs. Whether users are recording podcast episodes with guests, producing music, or engaging with their audience through online chats, there’s a Quantum Stream microphone suited for their specific moment. All three products come equipped with condenser microphones. Offering a flat and wide frequency response along with a lighter weight construction compared to competing models.

“We recognize the critical role that high-quality equipment and audio play in the content creation process,” remarked Dave Rogers, President of HARMAN Lifestyle Division. “For over three-quarters of a century, JBL has been delivering high-definition sound to audiences worldwide. Now, with the expansion of the Quantum Stream line, creators can leverage JBL’s signature sound to ensure that their stories are not only told but also heard.”


The Quantum Stream Talk serves as the entry-level option in the lineup. It features built-in JBL QuantumENGINE PC software, allowing users to fine-tune the microphone’s EQ to match their specific recording environment. Additionally, its shock-absorbing base and super cardioid pickup pattern ensure that recordings are free from background noise, making it ideal for solo streaming sessions.


For creators who are constantly on the move, the Quantum Stream Wireless offers versatility and convenience. Its wearable design and omnidirectional pickup pattern ensure high-quality sound capture from all directions. The microphone’s lightweight and clip-on design make it easy to carry around. While its environmental noise-canceling feature ensures uninterrupted recordings even in noisy surroundings.


At the top of the line sits the Quantum Stream Studio, offering professional-grade recording capabilities. Equipped with three condenser microphones and a 192 kHz/24-bit broadcast quality sampling rate, it guarantees studio-quality sound output. The microphone’s quad-pattern pickup design allows for optimal sound capture in any scenario. Whether streaming games, recording alone, or hosting a group discussion.


The Quantum Stream Talk starts at $59.95, while the Quantum Stream Wireless is available in two models, USB C and LIGHTNING, both priced at $149.95. The Quantum Stream Studio, the flagship model, is priced at $199.95. These microphones will be available for purchase on JBL.com.au starting April 2024. Furthermore, they will be packaged in environmentally friendly materials, including FSC-certified paper and soy ink printing, reflecting JBL’s commitment to sustainability.

Check out the JBL website for more information on Quantum Stream microphone.

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