JBL | BE HEARD Season 2: Spotlight on Rising Star JVERSE (AV)

After the success of its debut season, “JBL | BE HEARD” returns with Season 2. Shining a spotlight on the remarkable journey of Jude Eid, known as JVERSE, a rising star in the Australian music scene. Season 2, premiering on YouTube, continues JBL’s mission to empower and celebrate emerging talent in Australia’s vibrant music landscape.

JVERSE, is a 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and rapper from Melbourne. He brings a unique blend of versatility and raw talent to the forefront of the industry. His story, chronicled in Season 2, showcases his relentless pursuit of his musical dreams. From humble beginnings busking on the streets to networking with industry professionals across Australian cities.

Despite facing challenges inherent in the music industry, JVERSE’s unwavering determination and undeniable talent shine through. He navigates the highs and lows of his burgeoning career. Viewers witness a budding artist’s journey, experiencing nerve-wracking auditions and late-night recording sessions firsthand.

A defining moment in JVERSE’s journey comes with the announcement of his debut EP, “VERSATILE.”

This highly anticipated release underscores JVERSE’s ability to seamlessly transition between genres and styles, cementing his status as a multifaceted artist on the rise.

Moreover, Season 2 follows JVERSE as he prepares for his inaugural festival tour, LOST CITY. Season 2 will take place in Sydney and Brisbane. This milestone represents a significant breakthrough for JVERSE. Marking his debut on the festival circuit and a pivotal step towards realizing his musical aspirations.

Additionally, in an exciting development, emerging dancer and choreographer ROME CHAMPION joins forces with JVERSE. This collaboration will create an electrifying on-stage presence with backup dancers for his Sydney show. It promises to elevate JVERSE’s performance to new heights, adding a dynamic visual element to his live set.

JBL | BE HEARD” Season 2 continues to spotlight emerging musicians, highlighting their resilience and determination. JVERSE’s story inspires audiences as he breaks barriers in a competitive industry.

The series includes guidance from Lucky Entertainment experts, aiding JVERSE in navigating the music industry’s complexities. Mushroom Creative House produces the show and BCS Imaging films it. “JBL | BE HEARD” Season 2 promises a captivating viewing experience celebrating the power of music.

To engage with the series, viewers can connect through various social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. Additionally, JBL will launch a watch-and-win competition. The competition will offer viewers the chance to see JVERSE live at LOST CITY Brisbane and Sydney.

Stay tuned and subscribe to JBL’s YouTube channel today, March 27th, for the official release of “JBL | BE HEARD” Season 2.

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