Hisense 2024 TV Range: Advanced Features Unveiled! (AV)

Hisense Australia reveals pricing and availability for the 2024 TV lineup. Featuring brighter Mini-LED technology and larger screens, catering to Australian homes. Available from April, the range offers more options, features, and sizes, including a new solar remote.

Hisense Australia unveils its latest 2024 TV range, set to hit retail shelves this month. Sizes range from 32 inches to a whopping 110 inches. Expanding on the previous ULED TV range with brighter Mini-LED technology and larger screens for an immersive viewing experience.

Gideon Lui, Head of Marketing at Hisense ANZ, highlights the ongoing research and development behind the 2024 TV range. Positioning it as the best-performing option for modern Australian homes.

The new lineup includes the flagship UX model, along with the U8 and U7 Series. Raising the benchmark for ULED TVs with features like QLED Quantum Dot, Dolby Vision IQ, and 144Hz refresh rates. IMAX Enhanced Certification enhances the visual experience, ensuring spectacular visuals from content on apps.

The flagship Mini-LED UX models (65UXAU, 75UXAU, 85UXAU) feature class-leading Mini-LED X technology, delivering unparalleled image detail, clarity, and depth. Equipped with 20,000 backlights and over 2,500 nits of brightness, these TVs offer a next-level viewing experience.


Advancements in Mini-LED technology are a key focus of the 2024 range, providing exceptional brightness and clarity. The U8NAU model, available from May, boasts a streamlined aesthetic with improved audio capabilities and enhanced contrast and clarity.

The U7 Series, available from April, offers sizes ranging from 55 inches to 100 inches. It comes with tripled dimming zones for enhanced contrast. The U6NAU model, available in sizes from 55 inches to 85 inches, caters to a wider audience with premium features like Mini-LED technology.

A new 100-inch model, the 100Q7NAU, features 144Hz QLED quantum-dot technology and a full array backlit screen. Offering outstanding image quality at a competitive price point. Additionally, a flagship 110-inch UXAU model will be introduced for those seeking the ultimate viewing experience.

The inclusion of a solar remote adds convenience, harnessing ambient light for continuous charging. Hisense’s proprietary operating system, VIDAA U7, offers access to thousands of hours of content and features Game Mode Pro for immersive gaming experiences.

Lui concludes by emphasizing Hisense’s commitment to innovation, setting new benchmarks for immersive entertainment and delivering premium TVs for every Australian home. The 2024 TV range will be available from all major Australian retailers, offering a wide range of options to suit diverse needs and preferences.

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