Hisense Australia Unveils ConnectLife-Enabled Home Appliances (AV)

In 2024, Hisense Australia is set to introduce an expanded range of ConnectLife-enabled home appliances, showcasing groundbreaking innovations presented at CES 2024® across kitchens, living spaces, and home ecosystems.

ConnectLife will seamlessly integrate with the recently unveiled 2024 TV and Laser lineup using its exclusive operating system, VIDAA.

Smart Home Management with ConnectLife:

ConnectLife, Hisense’s smart home app, takes center stage. It simplifies the management of compatible smart home appliances, offering control and monitoring anytime, anywhere, through smartphones. Available on both Apple iOS and Android, it’s a game-changer in home convenience.

Gideon Lui’s Insights:

Gideon Lui, Head of Marketing at Hisense ANZ, emphasizes the positive impact ConnectLife has had on customers. The platform aids in managing energy-efficient appliances, reducing utility bills. In 2024, Hisense plans to extend these integrated experiences to a broader range of products.

ConnectLife on 2024 Hisense TV Range:

For the first time in Australia, ConnectLife will integrate with Hisense’s proprietary VIDAA operating system on the 2024 TV range. This integration marks a new era, allowing users to manage their entire home ecosystem directly from their TV screens.

Expanded Range of ConnectLife-Enabled Appliances:

Hisense showcased an expanded range of ConnectLife-enabled products at CES 2024. This includes an enhanced lineup of refrigerators, dishwashers, and laundry appliances. Stay tuned for more details on models and pricing in mid-2024.

ConnectLife continues to evolve, introducing new features such as improved energy and water management tools. The interface gets a facelift, streamlining user experience and ensuring maximum efficiency.

In line with the maturing smart home landscape in Australia, Hisense reinforces its commitment to the Matter platform. Demonstrations of Matter-certified devices hint at exciting developments on the horizon.

ProChef@Home Experience:

At CES 2024, Hisense showcased the future of cooking with the ProChef@Home experience. This innovative concept promises convenience and precision, integrating TV content into meal preparation. Imagine turning your favorite shows into cooking inspiration.

Looking forward, Hisense envisions a connected kitchen powered by AI. This kitchen adapts recipes based on dietary preferences and creates entirely new ones. ConnectLife-enabled fridges play a crucial role in inventory management, placing orders seamlessly.

Gideon Lui envisions a future where Hisense customers experience the very best in connected devices. Each product becomes more than the sum of its parts, delivering an intuitive, convenient, and unified experience.

Hisense is poised to transform the way we live at home, bringing together innovation, connectivity, and convenience. Stay tuned for more updates as Hisense reshapes the future of home living.

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