Hisense 2023 makes sense – new TV, laundry, kitchen, and AC appliances

Hisense 2023 includes a range of TV, laundry, kitchen, and Airconditioning appliances. They all work with its new ConnectLife smart home App.

Hisense went to a lot of trouble setting up the Hisense home to showcase its new products. It showed that the brand has matured well past its TVs. We were impressed with the hardware and software App – more on that in future reviews.

The debut of our 2023 range is a pivotal moment for Hisense in Australia. We can, at last, deliver on our ambition to provide our customers with a range that offers value without compromise when it comes to industry-leading innovation and features, sustainability and convenience. At the ‘Hisense Home’ in Malabar, we showcase that Hisense Australia now has a premium product for every corner of the home. Together with the first Australian demonstration of some key features within our ConnectLife Smart home App, we presented the Hisense Home of today and a glimpse into the Hisense Home of the future.

Gideon Lui, Head of Marketing, Hisense ANZ

This is not an in-depth on everything but a few things that impressed us.

TVs and Lasers

We covered this in Hisense 2023 TV and Laser range. We will finish the $2999 75” U7KAU mid-range, value-led ULED Mini-LED review by the end of August. It was side-by-side with the $3499, 75” U8KU, which has 1300 nits peak brightness. The U7 had a pretty good picture and lots of brightness (nits/mini-LED count and diming zones not disclosed), even in a very bright Aussie lounge.

We are hanging out for the UXAX Mini-LED X in September. It has a huge 2500 nits peak brightness and 5000 dimming zones (85” model). The 75” model is $4999. Put on your sunnies!

The Laser L9H laser 100/120 at $6499/7499, including the screen, was interesting. It was the closest I have seen to a ‘decent’ Dolby Vision mage on any short-throw laser. Hisense says it has 107% Rec. 2020, much more than the DCI-P3 colour space needed for Dolby Vision. I am a videophile and usually eschew laser projectors, but this was pretty good if you have a darkened room.


Hisense now has a large range of bar fridges, chest freezers, 1-door (Hybrid fridge and freezer), bottom mount, top mount, side by side, and French door fridges. Some offer a ‘PureFlat’ design and range from 155L to 634L.

The 632L model on display, HRSBS632BW, had PureFlat (no pipes at the back), in-built water and ice dispenser (crushed or cubed, no plumbing required, although there are plumbed-in models, too), a new super-freeze mode, and ConnectLife smart home connectivity at $2499.

The 2023 models have an industry-leading 3-year warranty and 11-year parts on the compressor. They appear well-made and, like TVS, good value for what you get.


There are three new models – a 14-place HSCE14FS ($699), a 15-place HSCM15FS ($999), and the top-of-the-line 15-place HSGP15FB at $1499. It is the one with ConnectLife Smart Home connectivity, UV hygiene Guard (UV germ killer), auto-door open (aids drying) and three racks (dishes, glasses, and cutlery), each with a dedicated spray arm. It was very quiet and has a self-cleaning program.


The new series 7 is elegant in design with a black stainless finish. The $899, 8kg HWFS8014AB has auto-dosing (detergent and softener), UV clean, Steam wash, Auto Wash (the machine determines the best program), and ConnectLife enabled. The $1099 10kg HWFS1015AB has more capacity but still fits the standard 600mm laundry cabinet (595 W x 590 D x 845mm H x 71kg.

The design matches the $1299 9kg HDFS90HAB 9-star, energy-efficient heat pump dryer. This has Ion refresh, Allergy care, an anti-wrinkle cycle, a quick 30-minute cycle (500g or 2-3 shirts), and ConnectLife App allows Smart Link between the washer and dryer to set drying programs to match the washer load. The doors can be left or right-side opening. It also fits a 600mm cabinet at 595 W x 640 Dx 845mm H x 54kg.

V-series reverse cycle AC

 Available in 2.5, 3.5, 5, 7.1 and 8kW ($999/1199/1499/1799/2499), these split system ACs have a 5-year warranty. They feature HI-NANO filters to reduce/eliminate pollutants and allergens, Voice Control (Google) and are energy efficient. ConnectLife compatible.

ConnectLife App

Hisense has a customised version for most of the 2023 range. We have yet to look at this in detail, but the Connect IO developer (website) looks like the App has promise. As usual, we will look at privacy and security, where your data is stored and whether appliances need it to work.

CyberShack’s view – Hisense 2023 makes sense

Hisense started selling here in 2006. I remember buying one of its TVs as it offered more bang for buck. That TV is still going. I started following Hisense TVs in 2013. It is fair to say that it was a lower-cost alternative offering reasonable image quality. But over the past five years, the challenger brand has become a mainstream brand competing squarely with LG, Sony, Samsung and late-comer TCL.

Hisense is ranked #4 after Samsung, LG and Sony, earning five stars in Canstar’s ranking for value for money and four stars for performance, user-friendliness, features and functionality, design, and overall satisfaction.

It topped YouGov’s biggest Brand Movers list in June 2023 with significant increases in general impression, value, reputation, satisfaction, quality, and recommendations. More people than ever are considering this brand.

APAC’s Biggest Brand Movers highlights the brands that have registered the most statistically significant month-on-month upticks in consumer perception metrics across a selection of Asia-Pacific markets. Hisense enhanced its brand perception over the past month following the launch of its new electronics range.

Laura Robbie, APAC CEO at YouGov