Cyber Safety Awareness Month – Harvey Norman gives you a $50 voucher to stay Cyber Secure

Harvey Norman supports Cyber Safety Awareness Month (17 July to 17 August) by giving a voucher to get $50 off any in-store Cyber Security product.

The voucher can be downloaded here and expires on 17 August 2023. There is a limit of one voucher per household per transaction, and you must buy in-store.

For example (digital download and automatic renewal at the end of the subscription)

You can use the discount for other Trend Micro or Norton products, including more users, longer subscription terms etc.

Why do you need Cyber Security – isn’t the free Windows Defender enough?

Let’s use an analogy. A good old-fashioned cylinder lock protects your front door. A thief takes less than three seconds to pick it and walk in. More modern security-grade locks are almost impossible to pick, requiring a locksmith to access the secure key register to cut another key.

If you get my drift Trend Micro and Nortons will protect the front door to your computer from internet hackers.

But let’s take that analogy further. What about the old lock on the back door, the non-existent security of windows (in an emergency, break glass), or even thieves coming in from the roof?

Trend Micro and Nortons secure these holes as well. Surfing the internet – protects from drive-by malware. Phishing email – protects from poisoned links. Facebook and social media scams are quickly identified.

The free Windows Defender is like that old lock that does a good job of keeping honest people out. Still, it is better than nothing.

Lower-cost cyber security does a great job, but Harvey Norman can advise on all levels of security – and give you $50 off for Cyber Safety Awareness month.

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