LG at CES 2023 – OLED TVs and soundbars (AV)

LG at CES 2023 shows why its OLED TVs are with the new EVO panels and updated LG webOS. It also showed the world’s first Zero Connect Box for wireless connection to its new 97″ OLED M3 TV,


It has been ten years since LG’s first OLED TV. The benefits of OLED’s self-lit picture quality, powerful image processing technologies, and its webOS platform offering more smart features have kept it at the top of the premium market.

2023 models will carry the ‘3’ as part of their model number, e.g., C3, G3, Z3 and feature

  • α9 AI Processor Gen6
  • HDMI 2.1.a
  • Quick Media Switching VRR (QMS-VRR)
  • 0.1 millisecond response time
  • Revised game optimiser
  • webOS new Home Interface with Quick Cards
  • AI Concierge, which provides each user with a curated list of content choices based on their past usage and search inquiries. It provides a selection of trending content for them to browse.
  • AI Picture Pro offers improved upscaling. It detects and refines important objects, such as people’s faces, to give them a more lifelike HDR quality.
  • Enhanced dynamic tone mapping to reveal the depth and detail in every frame
  • Certified low blue light by TÜV Rheinland and flicker-free by UL Solutions.
  • Components made from recycled plastics and shipped in eco-packaging made from recyclable materials.
  • Seamless integration with the latest LG Soundbars, delivering outstanding multi-channel surround sound with IMAX-enhanced quality powered by DTS:X. The WOW Orchestra feature uses the TV and Soundbar audio channels to produce stronger, more immersive sound.

The G3 OLED Evo has Brightness Booster Max technology. This is a new light control architecture and light-boosting algorithms to increase brightness by up to 70%.

LG Soundbars

As usual, a full line-up from 2.1 to at least 9.1.6 channels. LG soundbars are one of the best brand-agnostic TV choices. LG’s 2023 soundbars offer an outstanding multi-surround sound solution, allowing listeners to enjoy Dolby Atmos and IMAX enhanced quality powered by DTS:X.

In 2023 it offers seamless integration with the company’s TVs. When paired, features such as WOW Orchestra utilises every one of the two products’ audio channels to create an expanded soundstage with improved height, depth and power.

Triple Up-firing sound

The 2023 soundbars include the world’s first Triple Up-Firing Speakers. Triple Level Spatial Sound Technology employs channel analysis performed by an HRTF-based 3D engine to add a virtual mid-layer. The result is lifelike sound with a convincing sense of space that puts listeners at the centre of an immersive audio environment. Other features include

  • Smart Up-mixer, which converts two-channel audio into stunning, multi-channel surround.
  • Enhanced AI Room Calibration analyses the room. It applies that information to the soundbars’ settings to deliver greater precision in the low-frequency range. It also subdivides the front channel frequencies. This helps improve overall balance, the clarity of vocal performances, movie dialogue and the accuracy of the sound image.
  • AI Sound Pro ensures outstanding sound for any content, whether it is movies, sporting events, games or music. It analyses audio signals and automatically applies the most appropriate settings.
  • Lossless music playback from streaming services such as Tidal Connect with high-fidelity sound.

You call that a TV – this is TV!

With apologies to Crocodile Dundee, LG at CES 2023, announced an epoch-making 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M (M3). It is the world’s first consumer TV with Zero Connect technology, a wireless solution capable of real-time video and audio transmission at up to 4K@120Hz.

The M3 has a separate Zero Connect box that sends high-definition video and audio signals wirelessly to the TV screen.

As the Zero Connect box can be placed away from the TV, it gives users greater freedom to make the best of their space and avoid unsightly cables hanging down.

The box comes with

  • Multiple HDMI ports for cable/satellite set-top boxes and gaming consoles
  • Wireless high-definition sound connection with compatible soundbars
  • RF inputs
  • All the usual ports like USB, Optical Out etc.
  • Voice Assistant enabled

An AI algorithm constantly identifies and monitors the optimal transmission path to minimise transmission errors or disruptions. For example, it can recognise changes in the immediate environment – such as people or pets moving around the room.

The TVs One Wall Design (brackets included) means all you need is a convenient power point. It uses LG’s latest 4K@120Hz panel.

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