Anker EverFrost Powered Fridge – keep your coldie, colder (off-grid portable power).

The new Anker EverFrost Powered Fridge range includes 33, 43 and 53-litre models that can keep food and drink cold for up to 42 hours. They come in a handy EasyTow suitcase design.

Each model has a detachable 299Wh battery (so you can carry more power) and is rechargeable via mains power (approx. 4 hours), 60W USB-C (approx. 6 hours), 12V car charger or 100W portable solar panel (4 hours or more depending on sunlight).  

Temperature can be set between +/-20°, and cooling time from 25-0° is just 30 minutes. The 53L has unique independent dual-zone temperature settings to store cold and frozen foods. Battery life depends on the number of openings, new cooling load, internal temperature settings and external ambient temperatures.

Anker EverFrost Powered Fridge Spec Sheet

ModelAnker EverFrost
30 (33L)
Anker EverFrost
40 (43L)
Anker EverFrost
50 (53L)
Website33 Litre43 Litre53 Litre
Price$1499.95 includes delivery$1699.95$1999.95
Cooler Time: 4°C42 hours35.8 hours27 hours
Cooler Time: 0°C freezing35 hours30 hours20 hours
Dual ZoneNoNoYes
Bluetooth App (no need for Wi-Fi)YesSameSame
Internal LED illuminationYesSameSame
No. of 350/375ml cans385462
Size65 x 43 x 48.7 cm74 x 43 x 48.7 cm86 x 43 x 48.7 cm
Detachable Lithium Ion Battery Capacity299Wh299Wh299Wh
Max Solar Power100W100W100W
240V Power95W95W95W
Connections (input and output2x USB-A (12W each) 1x USB C (60W)SameSame
Temperature Range-20°C – 20°CSameSame/dual-zone. You can turn off one side if not in use to extend battery life.

Why buy?

A typical Esky 52L wheeled cooler box needs at least 2 5kg bags (takes up about 12 litres of space) of ice per day to maintain around 8°. Goods placed next to the ice tend to freeze, and goods at the top of the Esky can be 4-8° warmer. Ice goes to water and can waterlog food. The only advantage is an Esky is lighter – no battery or compressor.

Refrigeration, especially with EverFrost interior design, is far more efficient and maintains a constant internal temperature. It is on rollers with a telescopic handle. And you can charge and use it simultaneously like a fridge. It has no formal IP rating (USB and charging ports prevent that), but you can leave it in the shade in the open air. Remember, the EverFrost is large and heavy and can sometimes produce up to 65dB (53L version in dual zone mode).

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