LG at CES 2024: Unveils Future of Home Entertainment (AV)

LG at CES 2024 had plenty to show, including a wireless, transparent TV, a new miniature projector oozing with style, and a smart home AI agent that provides a vision of the future.

LG OLED T is a transparent screen that transforms the way we can view content. By providing a transparent screen, big TVs no longer have to dominate the living room with an unattractive rectangle while switched off.

At the push of a button, black contrast film can roll up to provide a conventional viewing experience with all the detail OLED can provide.

LG OLED T - announced at CES 2024

The CineBeam Qube is a 4K projector that’s small enough to fit anywhere, transforming any room into a home theatre.

With screen size up to 120 inches and automatic focus adjustment, it offers a highly detailed picture with excellent contrast and colours.

Pushing toward LG’s vision of a “Zero Labor Home” AI Agent is a small robot that serves as a mobile smart home hub, greeting you at the door, connecting and controlling your IoT devices, and making home life that little bit easier. Not only can it alert you when windows are left open or lights left on, but it also has emotional intelligence capabilities to help learn your mood and choose music to play to suit.

Innovations announced this year by LG at CES 2024 prove the company is still one of the best in home entertainment. The CineBeam Qube and OLED T both broaden the horizons of watching your favourite content, while the AI Agent provides a glimpse of what the future might hold for smart home technology.

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