Hubbl Simplifies Streaming (AV)

Hubbl simplifies streaming by bringing together both free-to-air and paid services onto one searchable platform. That eliminates the need to go in and out of different apps to find shows, saving you valuable time while making it easier to continue watching shows across services.

With countless streaming services, it’s tough to track your favorite shows. Hubbl seeks to solve this problem by bringing the most popular platforms under one umbrella. This makes it easier than ever to find something to watch across your favourite platforms.

Hubbl also displays recommendations from each streaming service on the device’s main page, making browsing and finding something to watch that little bit easier.

The Hubbl device, compact and easy to connect, transforms any modern TV into a centralized streaming hub. Featuring a user-friendly remote with quick access buttons and universal search functionality, navigating through your favorite apps is effortless.

Hubbl comes with a simple TV Guide and the option for linear programming. Including free-to-air channels via streaming apps, Hubbl caters to diverse viewing preferences. Whether upgrading an old TV or streamlining your setup, Hubbl offers convenience and accessibility.

Alternatively, Hubbl Glass is an all-inclusive TV with inbuilt Hubbl functionality and a quality 360 degree soundbar that makes for a streamlined package. It’s available in a range of colours and either 55-inch or 65-inch screen size.

Featuring a 4K Ultra HD Quantum Dot Display, Hubbl Glass provides excellent image quality with vivid colours and excellent contrast. It offers HDR10 compatibility and Dolby Vision to enhance supported content even further. With 8.2 million pixels delivering over 1 billion colours with pinpoint precision and clarity– clearly this is a TV that’s designed with no compromise on audiovisual quality.

Hubbl simplifies streaming experience by consolidating content from various platforms into one convenient interface. Whether through the Hubbl device or Hubbl Glass, accessing your favorite shows has never been easier.

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