Big Announcements from Samsung CES 2024 (AV)

Samsung CES 2024 lineup introduces incredible new TVs and speakers that can revolutionize your home entertainment experience.

Samsung’s Music Frame, a wireless speaker cleverly disguised as a picture frame, can be placed on a shelf or hung on a wall, delivering quality audio without the need for intrusive standalone speakers. Moreover, it can pair with a Q-Symphony compatible Samsung TV to enhance the overall listening experience.

The 2024 model Neo QLED 8K TV by Samsung features a groundbreaking Neural Processor that enables rapid processing and upscaling. It incorporates features such as AI Motion Enhancer for clear sports content. It also cones with Real Depth Enhancer for a stunning new way to view favorite content.

The innovative Samsung OLED Anti-Glare Matte Display TV technology introduces a matte surface. It aims to prevent ambient light from causing unwanted glare and reflections. This feature is particularly crucial on Samsung’s OLED TVs due to their reduced brightness. Allowing these TVs to be viewed in rooms with indirect sunlight while still providing an exceptional image.

Providing a glimpse into the future, the Transparent Micro LED TV showcases Samsung’s dedication to creating products that transcend conventional norms. Its unique transparent feature seamlessly integrates with the surroundings when in standby mode, capturing attention and imagination.

Samsung at CES 2024

Samsung CES 2024 offerings this year represent significant advancements in home entertainment, whether you’re considering a new TV purchase or additions to the home audio setup.

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