Panasonic Portable nanoe X Generator F-GPT01M (first look)

A healthy home is more than a clean home – it is all about the air you breathe. Panasonic Portable nanoe X Generator is a portable virus, bacteria, mould, allergen killer and helps reduce odour.

The almost solid-state nanoe X Generator produces nano-sized, atomised water particles (from moisture in the air) containing hydroxyl radicals that kill nasties and neutralise odours. The tech is in a range of consumer and commercial air conditioners and air purifiers. You can read about that here.

Panasonic Portable nanoe X Generator

To position this $299 device, it is barely larger than a 15oz milkshake container (170 x 90 x 66mm x 400g). It needs USB-A to USB-C power (5V/.7A/3.5W, so don’t try it with a USB-C PD charger). Power it up, set it beside your desk/bed, and that is it.

We will not test Panasonic’s health claims – the company is well-established and not prone to telling porkies.

  • Deodorise unwanted smells like garbage odours, bushfire smoke odours and body odours
  • Inhibit airborne and adhered viruses and bacteria
  • COVID-19 killer (more on that later)
  • Hydrate skin and hair by attaching hydroxyl radicals to sebum, forming membranes on the skin, and improving keratin texture.
  • Suitable for Car (Coffee cup holder size), Home, Office, Hotel Room, Shoe Rack, Bedroom
  • Uses USB charger, laptop, computer, power bank
  • Approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia (NAC) Sensitive Choice Program

Capacity – extremely limited

This milkshake-sized device has a limited effective cleaning area of 3m3 (3000 litres or air), a cube size of about 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.35 m (about 5’ square). To put that in perspective, a single bedroom is about 25m3.

Air volume is minuscule .07m3/min, so it takes 45 minutes to clean that space or 360 minutes (6 hours) to clean a single bedroom. Let’s not forget that air is constantly circulating from all over the house, and this device cannot keep up with that.

 Claimed operating noise is 36dB (quiet) but we measured 51dB at .5mm (bedside table) and 45dB at 1m. The noise is frankly, annoying.

A visible LED ring tells you if it is working and a gentle waft of air out of the top. Power consumption is too low to measure but ensure you use an older 5V/1A charger as it will not work from USB-C chargers.

Panasonic Portable nanoe X Generator F-GPT01M

WebsiteProduct Page
Price$299 Amazon
Harvey Norman has it for $199
Warranty12-months ACL
ConmpanyPanasonic is a Japanese company established in the early years of the 20th Century. It has been a strong presence in Australia for many decades.
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COVID-19 killer or not?

The short answer is nanoe X is a COVID-19 inhibitor. The claims are for the nanoe X technology – not the Panasonic Portable nanoe X Generator F-GPT01M, so don’t buy it for that.

CyberShack’s view – essential gadget or gimmick

The biggest problem with this device is that you must trust Panasonic to the extent that this $299 device really works.

I can see how nanoe X tech in air conditioners and room purifiers may be a benefit, but as to the effectiveness of this micro-sized device, I am sceptical. It is also too noisy for me especially as it needs to be close to you to be effective.

I also tested it in the car – a confined space. There are two concerns here. First, it occupies a valuable cup holder and second, it does not have an auto power-on (like most car accessories) that starts it when the ignition is activated.

We are not going to give it a formal score out of ten but given our experience, we would be hesitant to recommend this $299 device. We clarify that we are not concerned that nanoe X tech works in larger devices.



No ongoing maintenance cost

USB-C operated from laptops, wall chargers, cars and power banks

Fits a coffee cup holder


Minimal 3m3 cleaning area

COVID-19 claims are for the nanoe X tech – not this portable unit

Too noisy for personal use


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