Moto g34 5G 2024 – 5G on a budget (smartphone)

The Moto g34 5G 2024 is its lowest-cost, fully-featured smartphone with very few compromises. It is well-made, performs to spec, has great phone reception, a decent camera, a long battery life, and even comes with a charger.

Sure, we could be picky and say it has a 720p screen, 4GB RAM, etc., but that is not the point. This phone meets or exceeds any expectations you may have of a $279 phone.

How does Moto do it?

Simple—this is the ‘cookie-cutter’ recipe for its g-series. It is a complex balance of screen resolution, processor, RAM, storage, and camera. This is a Goldilocks phone—just right for the price.

Should you spend more? Motorola and its retailers hope so, or they would be out of business. In reality, Motorola hopes to get you into the tent and offer a great experience so you will stick to the brand when you can afford more.

Australian Review: Moto g34 5G 2024 Single SIM/eSIM/dedicated microSD, 4/128GB Model XT2363-3.

ModelMotorola g34 5G
Model NumberXT2363-3
RAM/Storage Base4/128GB
   Price base$279
Warranty months12 months retail
24-months Telco carrier
 TierUpper entry-level
WebsiteProduct page
FromMotorola Lenovo Online. Not seen at retailers or Telcos yet.
Made inChina
CompanyOwned by Lenovo (Est 1984) – a multinational technology company with its primary operational headquarters in Beijing and Morrisville, North Carolina. It is the world’s largest PC maker. It purchased Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014. Most of Lenovo’s smartphone business is now under the Motorola brand, with grand plans to become a ‘top five’ smartphone maker.
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Test date15-27 May 2024
Ambient temp10-20°
ReleaseDecember 2023, but later in Australia
Other models not for Australia (Don’t buy)Must have an RCM C-Tick. Only approved resellers – any other outlet is likely to be grey market. See Don’t buy a grey market smartphone (updated guide)

We use Fail (below expectations), Pass (meets expectations) and Exceed (surpasses expectations or is the class leader) against many of the items below. We occasionally give a Pass(able) rating that is not as good as it should be and a Pass ‘+’ rating to show it is good but does not quite make it to Exceed. You can click on most images for an enlargement.

We are also tightening up on grading. From now on, Pass, for example, means meeting expectations for the price bracket. We consider a Pass mark to be 70+/100 with extra points added for class-leading and excellence.

First Impression – Pass+

Remembering this is a $279 phone, all you can expect is a glass slab. But it has a nice Ocean Green vegan leather back (not a fingerprint magnet), a decent, reasonably colour-accurate 720p screen, a 3.5mm headphone port, and a microSD slot. Above all, its phone reception strength is very good for the city, suburbs, and regional use. We won’t give it a rural use recommendation, but it is likely fine, too.

I especially like the 20W charger, bumper cover inbox, and little things like an eSIM (dual ringtones), NFC, and dual-frequency GPS. The camera is pretty good in daylight and office light.

It has one OS upgrades, three years of quarterly security patches – good for the price – and one would expect you would probably buy a new phone in two to three years.

This phone is for the people and gets our unreserved recommendation if you all have $279.

Screen – 720p and pretty good for the price – Pass

It is quite a ‘clean’ screen without that blue cool cast that plagues lower-cost LCD screens. It is not daylight readable (no 400-nit screen is). It plays HD SDR content from streaming companies.

Flat, Curve, 2D, 3DFlat with centre o-hole
Resolution1600 x 720
Screen to Body %85%
Colours bits8-bit 16.7m colours
Refresh Hz, adaptiveFixed 60/920Hz
Auto stepped 60/90/120Hz
Response 120HzN/A
Nits typical, testNot stated (350)
Nits max, testHigh Brightness in a 5% window: not stated (512Nits)
ContrastNot stated (1125:1)
sRGBTest 92%
DCI-P3Not tested/relevant.
Rec.2020 or otherNo
Delta E (<4 is excellent)Approx 2
SDR UpscaleNo
Blue Light ControlYes
PWM if knownNo
Daylight readableNo
Always on DisplayPeak display option
Edge displayNo
AccessibilityUsual Android features
GamingNot for gaming
Screen protectionUnknown – likely not. Buy a screen protector.
CommentIt has a decent, bright, relatively colour-accurate screen. However, for the price, you can only expect 720p.

Processor – Pass+

It has a 6nm Qualcomm SD695 5G System on a chip (SoC). This is a mid-range processor (above SD4X and below SD7X and SD8X)—an oldie but a goodie. It has enough power to use some AI photo post-processing, and the Qualcomm modem got all four towers in our test. It is enough for a casual gamer.

Brand, ModelQualcomm SD695 5G
Cores2 x 2.2GHz & 6 x 1.7GHz
Multi-thread Integer Operations Per Second (INOPS)
GINOPS = billion
10.21 GFLOPS This is a measure of numeric processing and CPU processing. It is not an AI TOPS (trillion operations per second) measurement, and we estimate that to be around 4. The SD8X series is around 20-30.
Geekbench 6 Single-core913 – strong results
Geekbench 6 multi-core2016 – ditto
Helio G99 and Exynos 1280
GPUAdreno 619 840Mhz
GPU Test
Open CL1389
LikeMore than enough for a 720p screen
RAM, type4GB LPDDR4X with up to 6GB virtual RAM.
Storage, free, type128GB UFS 2.2 (98GB free)
micro-SDUp to 1TB
CPDT internal seq. Read MBps sustained506
Jazz 500.49
CPDT internal seq. write MBps sustained356
Jazz 337.95
CPDT microSD read, write MBps76/55
CPDT external (mountable?) MBps30/18 with 2TB external SSD
CommentIt is about twice as fast as the Moto G54 MediaTek. The new 6nm SoC is an excellent processor, whereas the entry-level is usually an SD4 series.
Throttle test
Max GIPS151359
Average GIPS148947
Minimum GIPS134709
% ThrottleNil
CPU Temp54°
CommentExcellent thermal management, but the case can get toasty under load.

Comms – Pass+

Few phones at this price would have any better specs. It has Wi-Fi 5 AC 2.4/5GHz dual band and reaches a maximum 433Mbps speed out to 10m. ✅

It has dual-band GPS and an accuracy of 3m – perfect for in-car navigation. ✅

It has NFC. ✅

Wi-Fi Type, modelWi-Fi AC 2.4/5Ghz tested 5GHz. WCN3990
Test 2m -dBm, Rx/Tx Mbps-45/433/419
Test 5m-44/433/433
Test 10m-53/433/390
BT Type5.1
GPS single, dualDual L1/L5 3m
USB typeUSB-C 2.0 480Mbps
ALT DP, DeX, Ready ForWi-Fi only DeX
   Ambient lightYes
   Hall sensor
SAR sensor
Sensor Hub
CommentSpeeds as expected with Wi-Fi AC.

4G and 5G – Pass+

We stirred a hornet’s nest when we asked Is Telstra Blue Tick accurate for rural phone reception? The short answer is that is not.

Our test methodology is such that we can accurately tell you if a phone will get reasonable reception in cities, suburbs, regional, and rural/remote areas.

This phone gets our recommendation for cities, suburbs, and regional cities. It should be fine in rural areas, but there are better and far more expensive models for that use.

It is unusual to find an eSIM at this price, which is a real bonus.

SIMSingle SIM, eSIM, dedicated microSD
   ActiveOnly one active at a time
Ring tone single, dualDual
VoLTECarrier dependent
Wi-Fi callingCarrier dependent
4G Bands1/2/3/5/7/8/20/26/28/32/38/40/41/42
CommentAll Australian 4G bands
5G sub-6Ghzn1/3/5/7/8/20/26/28/38/40/41/77/78
CommentAll Australian 5G sub-6 and low bands
Test Boost Mobile, Telstra
  DL/UL, msWould not run
   Tower 1 -dBm, fW or pW-83 to -87/2 to 5pW
   Tower 2Yes, up to 5pW
   Tower 3Yes, up to 5pW
   Tower 4Yes, up to 800fW
CommentAs expected from a Qualcomm modem, it found all four towers at usable strengths. It should be suitable for city, suburbs, and regional use with reasonable tower coverage.
It also found a 5G signal, although it was unusable.

Battery – Pass+

5000mAh, 20W charger, 2-hour charge and two days of typical use. You can also slow charge from USB chargers, PCs, etc.

Charger, type, supplied20W
Charges at 18W maximum
 PD, QC levelNo PD, but you can use PD chargers.
Qi, wattageN/A
Reverse Qi or cable.N/A
Test (60Hz or adaptive screen)Adaptive
   Charge % 30minsN/A
   Charge 0-100%2 hours
   Charge Qi, W
Using Belkin Boost Charge 15W fast wireless charge
   Charge 5V, 2AApprox 7 hours
   Video loop 50%, aeroplane15 hours 46 minutes
   PC Mark 3 battery!8 hours 7 minutes
Accubattery 17 hours 51 minutes
   GFX Bench Manhattan batteryWould not run
   GFX Bench T-Rex476.8 minutes (7.95 hours) 6005 frames
   Drain 100-0% full load screen on4 hours 33 minutes
Accubattery 4 hours 57 minutes
   mA full load1000-1150
   mA Watt idle Screen on250-300
   Estimate loss at max refreshAdaptive screen refresh mode
   Estimate typical useGiven it is a 6nm energy-sipping processor, a typical user should get 2 days.
CommentReasonable battery life. A 2-hour charge is tolerable.

Sound – Pass+

This concerns the hardware—not the sound quality (next segment). It has loud sound, 10-15% more than usual. Qualcomm has almost every BT Codec you could ever want and a 3.5mm jack. Hands-free is excellent.

It will decode Dolby Atmos, but this is mainly for headphone use.

SpeakersStereo earpiece and down-firing bottom speaker
AMPQualcomm Aquistic
Dolby Atmos decodeYes, decodes to 2.0.
BT CodecsSBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, aptX TWS+, aptX Adaptive, LHDCV1/2/3, LDAC in 24-bit/48000Hz
Dolby Atmos (DA)DA: Spatial
2.0 stereo: Smart Audio, Music, Movie, Game, Podcast, Custom.
Mics2 – top for noise cancellation and bottom for voice. CrystalTalk focuses on 1-4kHz for clear voice and reduces background noise.
Test dB – all on EQ flat DA off
   Volume max95 – very loud (most are 80dB)
Excellent volume levels – 10-15dB above average.
   Media (music)94
   Hands-freeExcellent volume and mic pickup.
   BT headphonesGood volume and channel separation

Sound Quality – Pass

It has a bit of high bass and decent mid-high treble (most phones don’t have either), so it is listenable for music. For the best result, use BT headphones.

Deep Bass 20-40HzNil
Middle Bass 40-100HzNil
High Bass 100-200HzStarts at 90Hz and linearly builds to 800Hz
Low Mid-200-400HzLinear building
High-Mid 1-2kHzFlat
Low Treble 2-4kHzFlat
Mid Treble 4-6kHzslight decline to 7kHz
High Treble 6-10kHzFlat
Dog Whistle 10-20kHzFlat
Sound Signature typeThis is Bright Vocal (bass recessed, mid/treble boosted) for vocal tracks and string instruments, but it can make them harsh.
   SoundstageGood Left/Right separation. The sound stage is as wide as the phone, but the DA (spatial setting) gives it some 3D height and width.
CommentHow to tell if you have good music – sound signature is the key
The stereo speakers are well balanced, and there is some high bass and decent mid/high treble, so it is listenable for music.

Build – Pass+

The Moto g34 5G 2024 is well-made and should last a few years. Get a TPM screen protector and use the supplied bumper cover.

Size (H X W x D)162.7 x 74.66 x 8.19mm
Weight grams179-181g PMMA/Vegan
Front glassNot specified
Rear materialPMMA Charcoal Black
Vegan Leather Ocean Green
IP ratingIP52 Water-repellent coating
ColoursCharcoal Black
Ocean Green
Pen, Stylus supportNo
In the box
   USB cable2W USB-A to USB-C
   Bumper coverYes
CommentNice of Moto to include a charger – it has been leaving them out of lower-cost handsets.

OS – Pass

AndroidAndroid 14
Security patch date1 April 2024
UIHello Moto
OS upgrade policyAndroid 15
Security patch policyThree years of bi-monthly security patches, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok
OtherMoto apps – some duplicate Google apps.
CommentMy UX seems to have gone but the functionality lives on.
Moto Apps now manages most Moto features and enables simple updates.
Family Space, Games, Moto Connect, Moto Secure, Moto Unplugged, Moto Ready For.
Display: Peek Display, Attentive Display
Gestures: Quick capture, Fast flashlight, Three-finger screenshot, Lift to unlock, Flip for DND, Pick up to silence, Swipe to split
Fingerprint sensor location, typeOn the power button – 9/10 test
Face IDYes 2D
OtherMoto Secure
CommentIt offers good levels of security, such as network security warnings, a pin pad scramble, and secure folders for sensitive apps. Users can also use Family Space to create multiple profiles, limit screen time, and control app access, creating a safe space for kids to learn and play on their smartphones.  

Moto g34 5G 2024 camera – surprisingly good – Pass+

It uses the industry workhorse Samsung S5KJNS 50MP sensor that bins to 12.5MP. This, coupled with the SD695 SoC, performs well in daylight and office light. The surprise was that it was not bad in low light either. We will let the photos tell the story.

However, DXOMARK was critical, rating it at 67 points, along with the g62 5G and G53 5G. I think DXOMARK expects way too much from a $279 phone.

Moto g34 5G 2024 camera test shots.

Video 1080p@30fps was fine. It uses Qualcomm’s EIS (crops the image to the horizon to help remove shakes). Naturally it is fine for day and office light. It struggles in low light.

Rear PrimaryWide
  MP50MP bins to 12.5MP
   SensorSamsung S5KJNS
   um.64 bins to 1.28
  FOV° (stated, actual)63.2 to 75.2°
Crop factor 6.6x for EIS
Rear 2Macro
   SensorSmartSens SC202
   FocusFixed 3-5cm
  FOV (stated, actual)63.2 – 75.2°
   StabilisationNo (EIS for video)
   Video maxRear main camera: FHD (30fps)
Rear macro camera: HD (30 fps)
Rear Camera Software

    Dual Capture
    Spot Colour
    Night Vision
    Macro Vision
    Live Filter
    Pro Mode (w/ Long Exposure)
    Auto Smile Capture 9
    Shot Optimisation
    Auto HDR
    Google Lens™ integration
    Active Photos
    High-res Digital Zoom (Up to 8x)
    RAW Photo Output
    Burst Shot
    Assistive Grid
    Quick Capture
    Tap Anywhere to Capture
   QR code readerGoogle Lens
   Night modeYes

Moto g34 5G 2024 front camera

  MP16MP bins to 4MP
   SensorOmnivision OV16A
  FOV (stated, actual)71.1 to 83.6°
   FlashScreen fill
   Video max1080p@30fps
    FeaturesFront Camera Software
    Dual Capture
    Spot Colour
    Photo Booth
    Live Filter
    Pro Mode (w/ Long Exposure)
    Auto Smile Capture9
    Gesture Selfie
    Active Photos
    Face Retouch
    Selfie Animation
    RAW Photo Output
    Assistive Grid
    Selfie Photo Mirror
    Burst Shot
    Quick Capture
    Tap Anywhere to Capture
CommentGood natural tones and just wide enough for two people. Not great in low light. We were concerned that the 16MP binned to 4MP would produce an inferior image but with the AI post-processing it is fine. You can set it to 16MP without image processing.

CyberShack’s view: The Moto G34 5G 2024 is the phone you want when you don’t want to or cannot spend more.

The Mot g34 54G 2024 is one of the best, if not the best, 5G smartphones for the money. I have no issues in recommending it.


  • Decent Qualcomm processor – no lag and good AI photo post-processing
  • Great 2-day battery life and comes with a charger.
  • Better than social media class camera
  • Excellent phone signal strength for city, suburbs and regional areas.
  • Can’t beat the price.

Its competition is the $249 Moto g51 with a Qualcomm SD 480 SoC, but the more powerful SD695 5G is worth the extra,

Moto has a special on the G84 5G with the SD695 5G SoC, 256GB, and a pOLED screen. The RRP is $449, but now $349 is another $70, which shows how the ‘cookie cutter’ approach covers all bases.

Moto g34 5G 2024 ratings: 81/100 – that is well above the pass mark.

RatingsNew for 2024 – 70 is a pass mark
It is Moto’s lowest-cost 5G phone, replacing the G54 (MediaTek) with a Qualcomm SD695 5G SoC. It has an eSIM, NFC, 3.5mm port and microSD.
It has all the features at a great price.
It is an entry-level value SoC, and you get fit-for-purpose performance. It is not for gamers.
Ease of Use80
One OS upgrade and three years of security patches are fine at this level.
All PMMA plastic is fine – it looks like a more expensive smartphone.
Rating out of 1081
Final commentI am impressed with the overall functionality and device. It is a good all-rounder and should sell heaps.
1Moto Apps instead of MyUX is a great idea.
2You get good value at $279.
3Decent Camera
4Reasonable battery life and charger
5Suitable for city, suburb, and regional use. Rural may be a push.
1None really at this price

Moto g34 5G 2024








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