MEAZOR 6-in-1 Laser Measure and so much more (review)

The name MEAZOR  6-in-1 Compact Laser Measure, no matter how clever, does not do this amazing pocket-sized device justice. It is a laser measure, scale/rolling ruler, curve measure, bubble level, protractor, 2D floorplan scanner and a smart data collector – whew!

What’s more, it is US$199 and as far as we can find no other device does it all or is as useful. Call it a Swiss Army Knife (and it is only twice that size), and like that device, you never know what functions you will use until you need them.

Like many good ideas, it started on Indiegogo and Kickstarter and raised over A$.5 million to get the project to the shipping stage.

MEAZOR – 6-in-1 Laser Measure Model M0102

WebsiteProduct Page
Kickstarter or Indiegogo
PriceUS$199 includes mini-tripod
FromHozo online or Kickstarter/Indiegogo
Warranty1-year (not ACL) with 30-day free replacement
CompanyHozo Design launched its first digital rolling ruler – Rollova – in 2018. It has sold more than 10,000 in 30+ countries
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Please note that this is a pre-release unit, and not everything is fully enabled. The beauty of this device is that firmware upgrades can fix any minor bugs and add new features.

First impression

Beautifully designed (Good Design Award 2021), small pocketable size (100 x 54 x 21.3mm x 110g), and well-made, hewn from a solid aluminium frame with a rubberised top grip, power button, and a round 1.3″ 240×240 tempered glass IPS touch display.

At the top is the IR laser send/receive sensor. At the bottom is a rotating rubber measuring ring. A 1/4″ tripod mount on the back morphs into a rotating, fold-out rubber stand – a very clever yet functional design. It includes a mini-tripod and charge cable.

The App

Currently, V1.7 for Google Play and Apple App Store the App adds value to the manual processes. It also connects via Bluetooth and is for firmware upgrades.

  • Bluetooth connection with MEAZOR
  • Digital Room Scanner
  • Import, Draw, and Edit Drawings with the auto-snap feature
  • Project Lists helps you easy to manage and switch between projects
  • Export .dxf/pdf/jpg formats to the next step in your workflow (120MB internal memory)

We have checked out the privacy settings and are happy it is not collecting any personally identifiable data.

What can Meazor do?

Laser measure – easy

A low-intensity Class 2 Infrared laser emits from the front and bounces back to the receiver. MEAZOR claim 25 meters, but our tests show that it depends on ambient light. In bright direct sunlight, it is as low as 5m. In office light (400-500 lumens), it is about 10-15m, and in the dark, we could get to 18.5m. Rule of thumb – if you can’t see the red spot on the object you measure from, it won’t work.

Accuracy is superb – within +/-2mm. You can adjust the measuring point from the front, rear, stand and tripod. It will measure in metric (mm, cm and m) and imperial (inches, feet, yards) and fractions.

Scale ruler

You can adjust the scale (1:1 to 1:100) and use the rolling ruler to take off measurements from drawings.

Floor plan scanner (point scanner)

Best with a tripod to create reference points for 2D floor plans. You can also use tilt mode to take off ceiling heights. There is a displacement mode for odd-shaped rooms.

Curve scanner

You direct the laser at a curved object, and it will record the curve.


Best with the protractor mount option.

Pythagorean measurement

Measure two sides of a triangle or rectangle, and it calculates the third side.

Bubble level

Make sure vertical and horizontal objects are straight.

Battery life

The 650mAh battery requires a 5V/1A charger and a USB-A to USB-C cable. We initially had issues as it will not charge off a USB-C to USB-C cable attached to a USB-C PD 2.0 charger. Charge time is 132 minutes, and it is good for 30 days standby or about 16 hours use (we will take their word for that).

Any data is safe in the flash memory. What may be annoying is that if you don’t use it for 30 days, you will have to recharge before use.

User advice – things to be aware of

A consumer may not have the skills to use all the Meazor features or the app features. It is more suited to professional use or those that understand its functions.

If all you need is a laser measure, Ryobi, Bosch, AEG, DeWalt have 20-100m ranging in price from A$45 to $200. Some of these have Bluetooth and apps to enable point scanning.

Use issues – Meazor is happy to quickly address any issues users find

We acknowledge that we have a pre-release unit. The model number on the unit is M0102, and the firmware Settings show as M0101.

The LCD touch screen is large enough, but the interface has been designed to swipe sequentially back or forward through the functions. If you have dirty, greasy fingers, it will be erratic.

After one minute, the laser measure goes to sleep mode. This requires exiting the laser measure mode by pressing the power button and restarting the laser measure. This is way too short and should be user-definable even if it affects battery life.

If you select metric, the laser measure defaults to millimetres. Many may prefer to set a default in metres.

There is no IP rating, and for commercial use, that is mandatory.

Cybershack’ view – love Meazor, but…

We were very keen to review the Measor as it seems to be an innovative ‘converged’ answer to any DIY or even professional designer. I showed it to my home designer, and he could see lots of use.

And as we deep-dive into every aspect, we inevitably find pre-production flaws that no other reviewer has. I am relatively confident Hozo will fix these issues for the release model shipping soon.

The concept is a 10/10, and the execution knocks a few points off that.

MEAZOR 6-in-1 Laser Measure








Ease of use





  • Small and pocketable
  • Multi-function (if you use them all)
  • Good battery life
  • Great design with tripod and stand mount


  • Distance claims need clarification for different light conditions – it is 5-20m at best
  • If all you need is a laser measure, there are better sole use units
  • Minor bugs in the pre-production unit