Lavazza Jolie and Milk – great black or milk capsule coffee (review)

The Lavazza Jolie and Milk is its entry-level black and milk coffee capsule machine, and its sheer simplicity and great coffee make it a winner.

We have been using the Lavazza Jolie and Milk for a few months now and can report that it has become the go-to for a daily fix or three. That is saying something as we review coffee machines, and at $199 (currently on special at $159), it is the bargain with no downsides.

Let’s find out why?

Lavazza Jolie and Milk – capsule coffee maker

Lavazza WebsiteLavazza site and Product page
Price$199 (black or white fascia)
FromAll good CE retailers
WarrantyOne year ACL
Country of manufacturePoland
CompanyEst 1895 in Turin in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza. Initially run from a small grocery store at Via San Tommaso, today it is run by the third and fourth generations of the Lavazza family.
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First Impression – delightful

When Lavazza asked us to review a capsule machine – any from their range – we chose the Lavazza Jolie and Milk because my wife likes milk coffee, and I prefer black, and this does both.

Milk heats/froths in the integrated induction device – two settings for low and high froth, and you fill it with enough milk to suit the cup size.

Coffee comes from the main body – two settings 30ml single extraction and 60ml double extraction from the same Pod. The water reservoir holds 600ml.

That is it, uncomplicated, no need for a degree in coffee-making.

Its small taking up little bench space – at 222mm (W) x 217 (D) x 331 (H) x 3.7kg.

Coffee – Pods offer variety but are only for Lavazza Mio Machines

It comes with a nine-pod variety starter pack to determine what suits you. We started making 60ml extractions, but the coffee was weak and watery. Use 30ml to make a far better cup. I suspect that the 10-bar water pressure gets almost everything out of the Pod on the first extraction. Crema on top is excellent.

For milk coffee, we suggest 10+ intensity coffees. For Espresso (black), you can go to a lower intensity to avoid any potential bitterness. There are Decaf pods that make pretty good black coffee.

Interestingly, we settled on Passionale (11/13) for daytime and a Dek Cremoso Decaf (7/13) for the night. Although when I want a strong shot, I go for the Cream E Gusto 12/13.

Now a hint. These usually sell for about $11 for 16 pods – 69 cents each. Both Coles and Woolworths have specials, and you will find them up to half-price at least every other month. So, after you find the one you like, wait for the specials and buy up big.

Milk – quick induction heating and frothing

The heater/frother reaches about 60° – reasonably good for most milk. It is suitable for Almond, Oat and other faux milk (not tested). It can produce lots of froth for Cappuccino (one button press) and just a tad too much for flat white (two button presses).

Rinse after each use and keep the milk container scrupulously clean, careful not to scratch the interior.

Maintenance – minimal

  • Empty the spent pods after every five uses.
  • Clean the milk jug
  • Descale when necessary

The Lavazza coffee machine range (promo prices 8/12/21)

  • Tiny $79 ($69) for an entry-level 30ml single-shot black coffee
  • Jolie $99 for 30ml black coffee
  • Jolie Plus $119 for 30/60ml extraction.
  • The Jolie and Milk $199 ($159) is the Jolie Plus and an external heated milk/frothing container
  • Desea $299 ($259) will make Espresso or milk coffee in the same glass mug
  • SMEG $349 ($329) puts an Italian brand and price on the Mio pod system – 30 or 60ml extraction black coffee only

Cybershack view – Lavazza Jolie and Milk – can’t get a more convenient, good, home coffee

I was fairly anti-capsule machines after experiences with another brand a few years before. I felt they were expensive to run, and coffee was never as good as the local barista.

This has changed my attitude, and as we are working from home, we use it for several cups of excellent coffee a day.

Lavazza Jolie and Milk capsule coffee maker

$199 but on special now for $159







Ease of use





  • So simple
  • Pods for every taste, including Espresso and milk types
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact size
  • Vastly better than a servo $1 cup!


  • Pods are expensive so wait for the supermarket specials

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